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The Heroes, The Mob, and the Damsel (IC)


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Ashley could see the sun without needing to look up, meaning that it will set soon. She knew that Danielle would be home soon and that she should start heading back home. She was wearing her father's trench coat, unbuttoned, revealing her sweater, even though it was a warm day. She was walking on the sidewalk, thinking about how well she stood out in the crowd. Other people took a glance at her every now and then, but no one actually questioned her outfit that day.

As she decided to turn around to get back home she took a glance at an alleyway, she saw a woman, looked in her low 20's, long blonde hair. She was running quickly, being followed by 2 men. They looked older, one having a wooden plank in hand, both having masks on that covered their entire face minus the eyes. Ashley had a bad feeling and started to chase after the three, taking out her cloth in her jeans pocket to put it on, buttoning her trench coat soon after, changing into Rycon so she didn't look like the girl who wore heavy clothing earlier.

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Kid Cthulhu is on patrol. He generally stayed away from the South Side, but tonight he had a strange feeling he would meet someone new. Or maybe that was just him. He was wearing the new costume he had custom made (at a rather extravagant price in his opinion). It was a black wetsuit with an Elder Sign in green. It was uncomfortable to wear at first, but he soon warmed up to it. As he flew above the rooftops, his scaly wings flapping, he saw a woman being chased by two men. He leaned forward, and extended his hands. He flew towards the criminals Superman-style, and shouted his battlecry to make his presence known.


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The two men had trapped the woman in a dead end, without a chance of escape. Rycon stayed behind a wall, waiting to see if she could get information from a conversation. She heard the female speak.

"Why are you chasing me?! I know nothing of what your group was doing there!" Rycon then heard a lower male voice shout back. "It doesn't matter. We can't let anyone know that we're here, and my night, we'll be gone, as will you. Now COME WITH US!"

A scream from the lady was enough for Rycon to come rushing to her aid, However...


A loud, strong cry came from above, Rycon and the others looks up with shock (and terror for some) at the source of the shout. A squid-like humanoid stood flying above the two, in a sickly green skin color and scaly wings wearing a superhero costume, soaring majestically in the sky.

"Is this just a hallucination?" thought Rycon, who couldn't believe what she was seeing. "What's next, a supervillian with at least a hundred eyes on it's body?!"

"Wh-Wh-Who are you?!" A frightened thug said. Both of their eyes drifted away from the woman, who was now sitting down, also looking at the squid hero. No one seemed to notice Rycon, who still had her back against the wall.

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Kid Cthulhu landed on the ground. He folded his wings behind his back, and smiled confidently. "I'm Kid Cthulhu, miscreants. If you want to leave this alleyway with your sanity intact, I suggest you let the woman go." He lit his hands up with otherworldly fire. "Although I'm not totally opposed to beating the crap out of you two, first."

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Rycon looked at the heroic squid with astonishment. "I feel like a coward compared to his bravery..." And then she realized why she came here, to save the woman that was trapped! Without hesitation, Rycon drew out two knives from her sleeves, popped them right in her hands, and then jumped out of her cover, firing the knives at each thug while crying out "Befreien Sie das Unschuldig!"

As she finished her move, she looked at the two men only too find her knives literally swatted away by the plank of one man, and the arm of the other. Rycon then found out that she was open to attack, and will need the squid's help.

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Before she could do or say anything, she found herself being rushed by a thug, the one with the plank, arms over his shoulders, ready to strike. Focusing, Rycon sees the vertical smash coming, and dodges right to avoid the attack. At the same time, she notices the unarmed thug running towards the squid, almost recklessly. Rycon couldn't do much for him at the moment because she had the bigger thug to dance with!

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KC sees the thug coming, and manages to roll with most of the attack, but he gets bruised on his shoulder. "Alright, time to play some hard ball."

KC hops back a few feet, and holds out both of his hands. The mystic green fire leaps from his fingertips and hits the thug with the force of a diesel train. "If you can't take the heat, stay out of the....hot place!" Uggh. One-liners were clearly not his forte.

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The blast of flame smashed the smaller thug, and found his leg crippled, with a couple burns on his body. He knew that he was in trouble, and his partner wasn't paying attention to him.

Rycon was too busy with the other one to notice the blast of flame. Trying her other offensive option, Rycon got a bit of distance by cartwheeling backwards, then charged her hand with a whitish glow, that she then flung it at her foe, turning into a bolt of electricity as it strikes the thug.

Rycon knew her aim was true, but in her surprise, the thug managed to barely shrug it off! "Aw, COME ON!" Rycon cried out in frustration, she seemed that she was outmatched by this guy. She then saw the other, crippled thug and realized that it would be more effective to remove him first.

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But before she could focus on the small fry, she realized the larger one was about to strike again! This time a horizontal blow from the left. Having no time to consider her evading options, Rycon raised her arm up in defense, and batted off the plank. However, despite Rycon having a plan, she was a bit worried about her current situation. Having a bruiser a good foot taller than her did not help...

The other thug, now rethinking his options, starts walking toward his partner shouting, "Hey! this is looking bad. We should split before these two pancake us!" It seemed in the meantime though, that the smaller thug wanted a piece of Rycon, and in the middle of the chaos, everyone forgot about the woman that was being chased before. She just watched the battle, trying to stay hidden by hiding behind a group of trash cans.

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KC looks at the thugs. "Oh no you don't." KC aims his palm at the short one, and releases a portion of extradimensional power. As the dimensional power left KC's palms, it warped the air around it as the nightmarish psychic wave flew towards his head. "They don't call me Kid Cthulhu for nothin'!"

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As the strange sphere of energy hit's the small thug, he seemed to lose focus on everything, unaware of anything that's going on and only doing what he planned, going after Rycon.

Rycon, who had found herself facing someone more durable then she realized, quickly weaved left and threw more electricity, this time at the smaller one. However, her aim was off, badly. Instead of Hitting the thug, she hit one of the garbage cans, frying whatever was in there and releasing an awful smell. But she didn't have to worry about that. Now Rycon was surrounded by both thugs! This really isn't my day...

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Rycon could see the bigger thug readying to strike with his plank again, he didn't seem to care about running away, if he even heard his limping partner. *WHOOSH* A quick burst of movement was all Rycon needed to duck the horizontal attack. She then felt that something else tried to hit her. She looked to her left to see the other thug, who tried to punch her with his fists. Although the attack connected, he missed the head and instead punched the shoulder, which warded off the blunt of the attack due to the coat she wore.

Rycon looked quickly for anything she could do, what she saw was an opening between the two so she could move away from the two. She would be closer to the squid-like hero, who by now, she could assume was an ally. All she needed was a chance to move...

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Whoa, cute lightning girl was standing next to him. KC smiled, the best he could. "I'm actually not like this all the time. I'm human, most of the time. For reference purposes."

KC held his palm to his temple, and zapped the shorter thug again with a bolt of psychic energy. "Don't worry, he'll survive...maybe. You take care of the big guy."

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Seeing her opportunity, Rycon quickly dives between the two, rolling as she lands and get's back on her feet, nearly bumping into the squid.

"I'm actually not like this all the time. I'm human, most of the time. For reference purposes."

Rycon was surprised that a human could have such a form, and she wasn't interested in hearing how it works right now. "How about we leave the explanations after we deal with this?"

"Don't worry, he'll survive...maybe. You take care of the big guy."

Rycon wasn't really impressed though, he missed his target, instead hitting the brick wall behind him. "Why go for one when you can hit both?" Rycon snarked as she drew two more knives out of one of her coat pockets. She fires both of them. Again, both hit, but were deflected. "Oh, this is getting ridiculous!" Rycon now wondered if she needed more practice...

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KC lowered his eyes. "Okay, this is getting silly." KC summoned his power, and his hands glowed once more with the otherworldly flames. He aimed his palm at the shorter one, and poured his will into the blast.

A column of mystic fire exploded from his fingertips, setting everything in its path aflame with mystic energy. A newspaper that fluttered into its path grew a few more angles then ceased to be. Physics are generally not normal when KC is around.

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At the end of the blast, Rycon sees that the thug survived that TOO! "Impossible... These guys can't be normal humans! How are they so resilient?!" Rycon was suffering a mental breakdown on the inside, then she looks above to see that an abandoned building's ceiling right next to the four. She saw that it was unstable, and a good knock would bring it down. Deciding to trust her luck on it, Rycon charged an electric bolt, and fired it at the rubble of concrete above the thugs.


Apparently, Rycon hit something explosive when the bolt hit. Not only did the rubble fall, it caused a good portion of the wall to break apart. The two heroes couldn't see much aside from the two thugs being buried under the majority of the rubble. Then she realizes her plan was double-edged. From above! Rycon dived away from the tomb of concrete that might have been her's, but wait. What happened to the squid?

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KC heard the lightning bolt fly over his head. "Lightning powers are badass." KC thought. Alas, he had no more time to contemplate this subject than the building behind him began to crumble.

Luckily, he managed to dodge the falling rubble and leaped out of the way just as a huge chunk of concrete fell on the pavement behind him. He tripped, rolled, and landed at the feet of Rycon. "Crude, but effective, ma'am."

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"Crude, but effective, ma'am."

Not wanting to waste time, Rycon got up and started looking for the woman they we're trying to save. "That's my style, minus all the property destruction," Rycon stated, not actually looking at the squid hero. "Do you remember the woman earlier, try to find her here, I'll check around the other alleyways." Rycon started to leave when she noticed one of the garbage cans among the few gathered rumbled a bit, as if it was pushed by something in the area it was concealing...

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"Oh look, someone threw away a perfectly good woman."

"Hmm?" Rycon notices the woman climb out of the empty trash can. She wore a white t-shirt and jeans, looked like an athlete of some sort, and had a camera around her neck. She also smelled bad, really bad, though considering that Rycon blasted another trash can, causing a nasty smell earlier, that was to be expected.

"We've beaten up those thugs. Now, not to be cliche, but you got some 'splaining to do."

The woman looked like she was freaked out by the squid's anatomy, which is unsurprising. Being chased into a dead end by two apparent superhuman-ish thugs didn't help much. "How about you let her gain her composure before forcing her such questions? Rycon lectured the squid before walking up to the woman. We're here to help, do you need somewhere to sit or calm down?

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The woman looked like she had relaxed a bit once Rycon came up to her. "No, I'll be fine." The woman showed her gratitude to the two heroes, "Thank you for coming." She turned to KC "You are... uh," her face noted confusion trying to communicate to the squid. Rycon let explains what she knows, "I believe his name is... Kid... Cthpphhhh, Gah!" Her tongue slipped and accidentally formed a raspberry.

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"Cthulhu. Ka-thu-loo. It's a monster in a book. Regardless, what happened?"

"Kid Cthulhu... An interesting name." Rycon felt that KC acted human enough, even if he may be lying about him having a human form. "Yes, to the point. What happened her miss?

The woman seemed a bit anxious, which was unsettling to Rycon. "My name is Linda Questa, I'm was on a stroll throughout this area looking for a man, when I came upon an abandoned warehouse." Rycon had a feeling where this was going, and cuts Linda off. "Let me guess, those thugs we beat were guards that came after you just because they saw you."

"Something like that, they were no guards, I was passing by as I overheard some people, mobsters perhaps, talking about something they 'imported' from Europe." Linda emphasized the word 'Imported.'

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"Wait, so did you hear what they were importing, exactly?"

"If they would send guards all across this area to catch one female, it's probably more than an 'import' Rycon now had a really bad feeling about getting involved. Still, if what that thug said earlier is true, then any evidence of an 'import' would disappear.

"Yes, I overheard at least 3 voices, they were talking about a sort of prototype that they stole from their 'former acquaintances'." Linda hesitated before she opened her mouth to speak again, only for Rycon to lightly put a finger on her mouth. "They illegally smuggled it from a foreign country." Rycon showed worry and a bit of weakness on her face, "I think just by your description, they're a group of terrorists, hiding somewhere in West End."

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