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The Heroes, The Mob, and the Damsel (OOC)

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Rycon's first adventure has arrived! Lone Star will be assisting/accompanying me for this one.

If anyone sees any errors with dice rolls, please PM me so I can fix them (I'm likely to make mistakes).

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OK, so we have:

11 - Rycon 2 HP (Luck 2)

9 - Thug 1

9 - Thug 2

7 - Kid Cthulhu 2 HP (Luck 1 + 1 for heroic stand against enemies)

These thugs have a defense of 5 and toughness of 8. (I'd say that's good)

My turn! Throwing Knife (Blast 4) 1d20+8=18 That hit!

Now for the defense of both (because of Split Attack)

Thug 1, DC 19 1d20+8=25

Thug 2, DC 19 1d20+8=28

Damn, talk about your bad luck...

Befreien Sie das Unschuldig! = Release the innocent! (supposedly)

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Now the thug's turn.

For attacking...

Thug 1 (with wood plank, +2 damage) 1d20+3=12 against Rycon, that will miss.

Thug 2 (unarmed, +1 damage) 1d20+3=23 against Kid Cthulhu, it's gonna be a critical...

The save is toughness vs DC 18 (12 STR +1 due to fist, +5 due to critical).

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OK, let's roll for toughness save...

Thug 2 DC 21 1d20+8=11 Failed by 10! Staggered and Injured!

Now Rycon's turn, since knives failed let's go for electricity!

1d20+4=22 Attack connected!

Now to guard...

Thug 1 DC 22 1d20+8=22 Still nothing...

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Thug's turn.

Thug 1 is still gunning for Rycon 1d20+3=19 This will connect, so gotta save!

Rycon DC 14 (12 STR +2 Plank) 1d20+6=10 Uh... No thank you!

Re-roll! 1d20+6=25 MUCH better.

Thug 2 can't do much since he's staggered and no one's in his range of his fists. So let's get him running toward Rycon.

Your turn Lone Star.

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Here's to defend the drain (both thugs have +3 against will, and with one injured that's a -1 added)

Thug 2 DC 21 1d20+2=3 Wow, failed by 18.

Wisdom drops by 6! (due to your drain level). and at the end of this round the thug get's +1 back, so he has a wisdom of 5 ATM.

Let's recap...

11 - Rycon 1 HP

9 - Thug 1

9 - Thug 2 (Injured, Staggered)

7 - Kid Cthulhu 1 HP (Bruised)

Now, my turn again. Shock on the small one!

1d20+4=8 UGH... I wanna save my hero point.

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Thug's turn again.

Thug 2 just walks towards me

1d20+3=22 Thug 1 strikes LS!

Make a toughness save...

KC DC 15 (12 STR, +2 weapon, +1 bruise on KC)

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Eisen = Iron in German.

Abschied, tapferer Krieger = Farewell, Brave Warrior (supposedly...)

And we are done once Lone Star get's his last IC post up!

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