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Grue Invasion: Geckoman


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"Not that long ago, I quit being Geckoman. Through my own stupidity, the same act that had turned me into a metahuman... turned the love of my life into a supervillain."

"So I had to stop. It was the only way. Stop being Geckoman, and be Chris Kenzie. Grow up, go to college, etc. And you know what? It felt good. For a while. Just a little while."

"Thing is, what's more important: the girl I love... or being a hero?"

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Chris and Liz were walking holding hands in the Millenium Mall. "C'mon, wakey-wakey... Chris?"

Why aren't I happy? Seriously, I'm Chris. I don't do mopey. Only Mark is less mopey than me. Wait... crap, talking! "Sorry, what?" he said, looking up. He was looking haggard, with dark rings under his eyes.

"OK, we're talking about this. Sit down," she commanded him, leading him to the food court. "You told me you were Geckoman to make up for the guilt of stealing everything you had. I've forgiven you. Why can't you manage?"

Chris looked into her eyes. "No. I was wrong. Halfway through the year and a half... I stopped doing it for guilt. I was Geckoman. Wait... I am Geckoman. If it makes you happy, I'll carry on trying not to be. But you gotta understand, it won't be easy for me."

Liz sighed and rubbed her forehead. "Kenzie, I know. But..." Then the explosions started outside.

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"I knew this was gonna be a sucky day!" shouted Chris, grabbing Liz's arm and running for the door. "We're getting outta here." They looked up.

"Is that... a giant gorilla?" asked Liz, raising an eyebrow.

"They're all over the city!" shouted a passer-by who was on his cell phone. "Someone's gotta stop them!" As if on cue, a chunk of rubble came flying towards the mall.

"No!" shouted Chris, pushing Liz down and leaping at the man with the phone. The masonry crashed down at his heels. "Everyone! Get out of here!"

From where they were, Dark Star could be seen teleporting in. "OK, help's here, stay out of his way!"

Liz lay there looking shocked as Chris took charge and started barking orders.

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"You're right." Chris felt something being pressed into his hands. He looked down. Liz had carried his grappling gun and the Pitchoo remote in her purse.

"Wha? Huh?" He looked stunned, just staring alternately at her and at his hands.

"You know how smart I am. I knew all along. Just... I didn't want to admit it. I still don't like Geckoman, but you're him. We can deal with this. Once you find your friends, send them my apologies and then kick some ass." She grabbed the stunned Chris by the waist and kissed him full on. "I'll deal with the people here."

Chris could only nod, close his eyes and then...

Geckoman opened his eyes. "Ok, let's do this!" He hit a button and the Pitchoo exploded from a warehouse wall not too far away, blasting towards their location. A quick grapple shot, and Chris flew upwards and landed in the open door. His stuff was laden out on the seats.

"Scan for Young Freedom transmissions, computer."

He picked up his mask and goggles from where they lay, pulling them on. Let's do this.

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Minutes later, Geckoman had pumped the throttle up to the maximum, flying across the city towards the Pramas Bridge. The light reflected off the Pitchoo, making the metal shine even as it cast a dark shadow over the streets below. This is my city.

He turned the ship side-on, the underside of the ship passing inches from the wall of a skyscraper. It's my job to fix this.

The turrets dropped out from the ship as he cleared the building, adjusting his goggles with one hand even as his other hand flew across the controls. I'm back.

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