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This is bothering me since I joined. Why isnt there a sticky thread with all the teams somewhere? I know there's wiki, but even then its hard to tell which ones are PC's and NPC's. A simple list of them and roster would be very helpful.

And if there is existing thread somewhere, why cant I find it?

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There was a thread of all active characters, but it's severely out of date, and I sadly cannot remember exactly where it is.

The Wiki does list everything you ask for, though, and I tried to organize it in a logical and easy-to-find way.

List of NPC Teams: here (heroes) and here (villains)

List of NPCs in those Teams: here (heroes) and here (villains)

List of PCs: here

List of Player-Made Teams: here

If the title/header says "Pre-Existing," that means it's something from one of the books, and not a player-made thing.

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