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A Meeting of the Minds [IC]

Dr Archeville

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Date: February 11th, 2010

Clear, high 37, WNW winds at ~20 mph (wind chill 27). Six inches of snow fell the night before; total snowfall to date for the year is 50+ inches, a record.

Even though it had been almost five months since the Knights of Freedom disbanded, at least two of its members still met semi-regularly. But they did not meet to make grand plans about how to fight the forces of evil, or how to change the world. At least, not exactly....

An ankh-shaped door of golden light appeared in the medical facility of the Scarab's Lair, out of which stepped Doktor Viktor Archeville. Once he was through, the portal closed, and he pocketed the coin-sized teleport beacon Scarab had entrusted him with. He was a bit surprised to find it empty, though not completely surprised -- he was nearly an hour late, after all.

"Elena? Hello?!," he called out. "sorry I am so late -- I vas helping restore power to parts of de city, und reinforcing de systems dat had not fallen to make sure dey do not fail."

This is a waste of time! There is so much more we could be doing!

It is not a waste; at the very least we are keeping in touch with a friend. And, best case scenario, we learn better ways to deal with you.

Bah! As if you could do anything without me! I am the drive, the Spark! It's a miracle that Scarab's mind hasn't burned itself out after contacting us!

You are a spark, that's true, but a flame can create as well as destroy. We are going to tame you, one way or another.

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Hello, Viktor. Archeville heard Elena's voice in his mind. A moment later, she appeared in the chair in front of him, her eyes closed. I can sympathize. A moment, please.

After a full minute had passed, she opened her eyes and turned to Archeville. My apologies. There was a home invasion in-progress in Lincoln. Fortunately, there were police nearby whom I could alert to the situation, so it did not require my direct involvement. But now I can give you my (relatively) undivided attention.

Congratulations, by the way. I read this morning that ArcheTech's market share is up.

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"Danke," he replied with a slight nod, "dough dat has as much to do mit de 'advertising' I get from de Rhodes Foundation as it does mit mein own business acumen."



Archeville walked over to one of the beds and removed his labcoat, laying it neatly across one. "Any problems mit de latest upgrades I installed?" he asked as he sat on another bed, still facing his host. "Is dat one door in the command center still sticking?"

Oh, cut the small-talk! Let's just get this over with so we can go about more important things!

I can think of nothing more important than yoking you!

Interesting phrasing, given that 'domestic' animals are never fully tamed, and those that get out quickly revert to their ancestral ways.

(on temporary hiatus)

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