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Divines Vingette - New Years 2010

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It had been a wild night. Moira spent her New Year's Eve with Ace Danger at the Pyramid Plaza penthouse. By the time she woke up he was already gone. She looked over at the clock. No wonder he was gone, it was noon already! She only hoped she gave him what he and she wanted.


Speaking of wants, it was New Year's Day... time for New Years resolutions! Yeah, those silly little things that were either dirt easy to keep or that she never followed through on. Still it was fun to have goals, no matter how easy or hard they were. She thought for a bit; was there anything she wanted to do this year? Might a well start off with the easy ones first...


1) I will follow my deams.


That was simple enough! Now to expound. What were her dreams at the moment? Did she have any aspirations? What would she accomplish in 2010?


2) I will do something creative.


She had really got the idea to sing or write or something within the past month or so. If it were writing it'd have to be fiction. based off her life. Her real life was already fantastic as it was. Why would anyone want to read about a boring ivincible heroine? Starting sometime within the next month or so she would sit down and think about it.


3) I will be a better superhero.


Her meeting with Captain Knievel and The Emissary last year taught her a few things. Anyone couldfall off the wagon. She didn't want to believe what Captain Knievel did was real. He was just a fun guy... then to fall so far? She went to The Emissary for some counselling. It helped some, but she learned you can only count on yourself. The hero inside. Her hero inside needed a jumpstart.


4) I will get more friends.


Another no-brainer. Her phone list was still growing. It was almost at the point where she thought she was going to have to cross-index.


5) I will be a better friend to my current friends


Last year she did a few rotten things in the name of friendship and love. While it was good for some, it hurt others. She only hoped that she would make the right decisions this time around. If she followed her heart, she knew she would make the right choices. Then again...


6) I will try to be a better person


HA! Now she was just musing. She wasn't going to be a worse person, but she was grasping at straws now. She got up and walked towards the bathroom. She had things to do today. Things to do this year.

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