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Shadowjak 2.0 PL10-Nightshyft

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Players Name: Nightshyft

Power Level: 10 (150/150 PP)

Trade-Offs: +2 Defense/-2 Toughness, +2 Attack/-2 Damage

PP Unspent: 0

Characters Name: Shadowjak

Alternate Identity: Anton Jakova

Height: 6'

Weight: 178lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green to Grey/Shifts colors

Description: Always lurking in the corners or shadows, Anton's appearance is often not noticeable. It is only when someone gets a truly close look at the young man that they notice something slightly different about him. Something...not quite human. For the most part, he has a lithe, gymnast's build with subtle toning of the musculature. In addition, his arms and legs are just slightly longer than normal, which is only noticeable upon close inspection.

His facial structure, while basically human, has slightly different angles and panes. Higher cheekbones with a narrow chin and forward slung lower jaw give him a predatorial look reminiscent of a cross between a reptile and a feline. His ears, like his jaw line, are also angled differently. They sweep back along his head, taper to slight points, and are about twenty percent longer than a normal humans ears.

His hair is a dark color that shifts it's color when he uses his Shadowmeld ability, ranging from a dark gray to deep ebony. Worn in a ragged shag of medium length, it flows about his head in a fine mist. Like his hair, his eyes also shift colors, from a deep, vibrant green to glossy black pools. Both changing from the lighter shade when not using his Shadowmeld to black while melding. Anton's eyes are elliptical and curve upwards. Anton's skin tone is a pale, grayish shade...similar to the color of a corpse. This is just a natural coloring from little or no exposure to sunlight on a regular basis. In addition to his eyes and hair shifting colors with uses of Shadowmeld, his skin also gains a patterning, swirls or dark shades of gray and black that represent the power's ability to conceal.

Anton has a fondness for baggy clothing, stuff that would blur his true shape. Preferring long, great coats and hooded ensembles, he is often mistaken for a homeless person at a first glance. An advantage he tries to capitalize upon frequently. It is also no surprise that such attire helps him hide his differences from casual observation.

History: Anton Jakova, aka Shadowjak, is a survivor of a Terminus invasion of another dimension. In his home dimension, Anton's world was one where the U.S.S.R. was the world leader and the last standing power against Omega. In a long drawn out war against the Dimensional Devourer, the Soviet union resorted genetic manipulation. Wave after wave of Soldiers, Citizens, and even former Criminals were subjected to myriad alterations to their very genetic code in order to survive against Omega. In the beginning, these were simple modifications, enhanced strength and survivability...enhanced coordination and acute senses. But, as the war ground on, these basic modifications were found to be inadequate.

Ignoring all moral and ethical boundaries, the Soviet scientists began to reach for much more esoteric and outrageous alterations. Soon, the Motherland was fighting Omega with her own brand of monsters, called Chimera which were as twisted as anything Omega had himself. And still, it was not enough. In their last desperate attempt, the U.S.S.R. created the Core concept.

While they could create almost any type of soldier needed, they seemed to fail when in combat against a structured unit. No matter what abilities and powers the soldier displayed, he/she failed at integrating their abilities into the planned objective. Taking examples from the insect kingdom, ants and bees to be precise, they created a type of hive mentality utilizing specialized units functioning towards a single objective. This was done by first creating a “queenâ€, a unit that synchronized the unit and provide a “Coreâ€. This provided the Core Concept. As such, each Core was able to function better and had a higher percentage in success.

While the Core Concept improved their combat effectiveness, it was too little too late. Omega had done too much, had destroyed too many parts of their world for it to survive. In a bid for vengeance, a special Core was created, one whose sole function was disabling Omega and trapping him forever within this dying dimension. Selecting specialized Chimera, infiltrators and saboteurs to cripple Omega's war machine forever. Part of this team, Shadowjak, his call sign, was the teams primary infiltrator whose purpose was to provide access for the rest of his Core.

Bypassing and disabling every barrier and obstacle between his Core and Omega, Shadowjak finally reached the goal....Omega. Taking the battle to the very beast himself, Anton's Core fought bravely and even succeeded in injuring Omega. But, alas, it was not enough, the Entropic Evil began to kill the other member's of Anton's Core. At the fringes of the battle, Shadowjak had been taking on the various minions as he was not of Omega's caliber in sheer power. As Omega approached Anton's “queenâ€, Synk, the Umbral Infiltrator attacked the mighty being. Ever the saboteur, Shadowjak did what he does best, he sabotaged Omega. Though he cannot remember what he did, he does know that something about power and the energy the makes up Omega reacted violently. In an explosion of dimensional proportion, Anton was thrown through his own shadow and emerged injured and dazed in Freedom City.

Feeling the loss of his Core, Anton wakes up in Freedom City. Realizing that THIS place fought off Omega...and that if HE survived, then Omega must have too. Anton has set out to learn everything about this place...it's heroes and their capabilities. Of their triumphs and tragedies....for somewhere within this knowledge is the key to defeating Omega. Perhaps forever.


Stranger in a strange land. Being a dimensional outcast, Anton is slightly lost within this one.

More human than human. His inhuman appearance that is only noticeable close up makes personal relationships difficult

Out of Synk. Missing his “queenâ€, Anton looks to others for the lead. While able to operate upon his own, he prefers to follow someone else's plan.

Out of Synk 2. Synk was a female and was both a mother figure and a potential mate for Anton. As such, he hangs on to the hope that Synk is still alive and is being held captive by Omega.

Abilities (0+0+6+8+4+0=18pp)

Strength 10(+0)

Dexterity 10/26(+0/+8) with Enhanced Reflexes

Constitution 16(+3)

Intelligence 18(+4)

Wisdom 14(+2)

Charisma 10(+0)

Saves (0+0+0+0/see powers)

Toughness +3/+8 with Defensive Roll

Fortitude +3

Reflex +8/+11 with Enhanced Reflexes

Will +2/+5 with Enhanced Will

Combat (12+16=28pp)

Trade Off: +2 Defense/-2 Toughness, +2 Attack/-2 Damage

Base Attack +6/+12 with Attack Focus: Melee

Grapple +12

Base Defense 18/22 With Dodge Focus, Flat-Footed 11

Knockback +4

Damage: Melee +6/+8 With Sneak Attack

Initiative +8

Skills (88 ranks 3.5+3.25+3.25+3+2+2+.5+2+2+3.5=22pp)

Acrobatics 14(22)

Computer 11(15)Skill Mastery

Disable Device 11(15)Skill Mastery

Escape Artist 12(20)Skill Mastery

Knowledge: Electronics 8(12)

Knowledge: Security Systems 8(12)

Languages 2: Native Russian, English, German

Notice 8(10)

Sleight of Hand 8(16)

Stealth 14(22)Skill Mastery

Feats (33pp)

Accelerated Acrobatics

Accelerated Stealth

Acrobatic Bluff

Attack Focus: Melee 6

Defensive Roll 5

Dodge Focus 4

Elusive Target

Evasion 2


Hide in Plain Sight

Improved Concealment

Improved Throw

Improved Trip

Move-By Action


Skill Mastery

(Computer, Disable Device, Escape Artist, Stealth)

Sneak Attack

Sweeping Strike

Uncanny Dodge Auditory

Up the Wall

Powers (12+6+2+1+16+3+3+6=49pp)

Shadow Mastery Container(20pp)

Shadow Diving(10+1+1pp)

Teleportation 3 (300' Short Range, 300lbs of Additional Mass, Extended Range 1000')

Feats: Change Direction, Easy, Subtle and Turnabout

Alternate Power: Damage 5 Area Burst: Targetable(Rapid Attack/Umbral Fury)

Alternate Power: Dimensional Pocket 5(Shadow Trap)

Complication: Teleport is Shadow based...flows down into a shadow. No Capability for Shadow to form, then no Shadow Diving allowed.


Concealment: All Visual, Darkness/Shadows Only

Feat: Close(Shadowmeld)

Alternate Power: Concealment: All Visual, Partial

Feat: Close(Shadow Decoy)Note: modeled after Distortion from UP.

Super Vision: Darkvision(2pp)

Genetic Modifications(29pp)

Feature: Nictating Membrane(Second Chance: Visual Dazzle)(1pp)

Enhanced Dexterity 16(16pp)

Enhanced Reflexes 3(3pp)

Enhanced Will 3(3pp)

Strike 6(6pp)

Costs: Abilities(18)+ Saves(0)+ Combat(28)+ Skills(22)+ Feats(33)+Powers(49)

*Note-Up the Wall is from Mecha and Manga. It is a feat that allows Acrobatic check for climbing as long as there are things to launch from at each point of contact. This is limited by characters leap length. Examples of this are parkour and Jackie Chan doing the corner climb where he bounces from one wall to another and ascends the wall.

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Well....as I sit here and look over mine own app....I got a little frustrated with it. Unfortunately, when I do that...I start to change things.

Here is an alternative Powerset I worked up with a little different take on some things....

Teleportation 3(14pp)

Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Easy, Progression, Subtle, and Turnabout

Alternate Power: Damage 6, Area: Burst[Targetable]

Alternate Power: Trip 6, Area: Burst[Targetable]

Darkness Control 3(7pp)

Alternate Power: Concealment: All Visual, Darkness/Shadows Only, Close


Feature: Nictating Membrane(Second Chance Feat: Visual Dazzle)(1pp)

Enhanced Dexterity 16(16pp)

Enhanced Reflexes 3(3pp)

Strike 6(6pp)

The trip is just a different style of attack...if applicable. The Darkness Control allows him to change the battle field and set his opponents up....the Change above WILL lower his Will Save from +5 back down to +2....dangerous I know....

Might also redo the story....sounded better when I wrote....

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