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  1. Well....as I sit here and look over mine own app....I got a little frustrated with it. Unfortunately, when I do that...I start to change things. Here is an alternative Powerset I worked up with a little different take on some things.... The trip is just a different style of attack...if applicable. The Darkness Control allows him to change the battle field and set his opponents up....the Change above WILL lower his Will Save from +5 back down to +2....dangerous I know.... Might also redo the story....sounded better when I wrote....
  2. Players Name: Nightshyft Power Level: 10 (150/150 PP) Trade-Offs: +2 Defense/-2 Toughness, +2 Attack/-2 Damage PP Unspent: 0 Characters Name: Shadowjak Alternate Identity: Anton Jakova Height: 6' Weight: 178lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Green to Grey/Shifts colors Description: Always lurking in the corners or shadows, Anton's appearance is often not noticeable. It is only when someone gets a truly close look at the young man that they notice something slightly different about him. Something...not quite human. For the most part, he has a lithe, gymnast's build with subtle toning of the musculature. In addition, his arms and legs are just slightly longer than normal, which is only noticeable upon close inspection. His facial structure, while basically human, has slightly different angles and panes. Higher cheekbones with a narrow chin and forward slung lower jaw give him a predatorial look reminiscent of a cross between a reptile and a feline. His ears, like his jaw line, are also angled differently. They sweep back along his head, taper to slight points, and are about twenty percent longer than a normal humans ears. His hair is a dark color that shifts it's color when he uses his Shadowmeld ability, ranging from a dark gray to deep ebony. Worn in a ragged shag of medium length, it flows about his head in a fine mist. Like his hair, his eyes also shift colors, from a deep, vibrant green to glossy black pools. Both changing from the lighter shade when not using his Shadowmeld to black while melding. Anton's eyes are elliptical and curve upwards. Anton's skin tone is a pale, grayish shade...similar to the color of a corpse. This is just a natural coloring from little or no exposure to sunlight on a regular basis. In addition to his eyes and hair shifting colors with uses of Shadowmeld, his skin also gains a patterning, swirls or dark shades of gray and black that represent the power's ability to conceal. Anton has a fondness for baggy clothing, stuff that would blur his true shape. Preferring long, great coats and hooded ensembles, he is often mistaken for a homeless person at a first glance. An advantage he tries to capitalize upon frequently. It is also no surprise that such attire helps him hide his differences from casual observation. History: Anton Jakova, aka Shadowjak, is a survivor of a Terminus invasion of another dimension. In his home dimension, Anton's world was one where the U.S.S.R. was the world leader and the last standing power against Omega. In a long drawn out war against the Dimensional Devourer, the Soviet union resorted genetic manipulation. Wave after wave of Soldiers, Citizens, and even former Criminals were subjected to myriad alterations to their very genetic code in order to survive against Omega. In the beginning, these were simple modifications, enhanced strength and survivability...enhanced coordination and acute senses. But, as the war ground on, these basic modifications were found to be inadequate. Ignoring all moral and ethical boundaries, the Soviet scientists began to reach for much more esoteric and outrageous alterations. Soon, the Motherland was fighting Omega with her own brand of monsters, called Chimera which were as twisted as anything Omega had himself. And still, it was not enough. In their last desperate attempt, the U.S.S.R. created the Core concept. While they could create almost any type of soldier needed, they seemed to fail when in combat against a structured unit. No matter what abilities and powers the soldier displayed, he/she failed at integrating their abilities into the planned objective. Taking examples from the insect kingdom, ants and bees to be precise, they created a type of hive mentality utilizing specialized units functioning towards a single objective. This was done by first creating a “queenâ€, a unit that synchronized the unit and provide a “Coreâ€. This provided the Core Concept. As such, each Core was able to function better and had a higher percentage in success. While the Core Concept improved their combat effectiveness, it was too little too late. Omega had done too much, had destroyed too many parts of their world for it to survive. In a bid for vengeance, a special Core was created, one whose sole function was disabling Omega and trapping him forever within this dying dimension. Selecting specialized Chimera, infiltrators and saboteurs to cripple Omega's war machine forever. Part of this team, Shadowjak, his call sign, was the teams primary infiltrator whose purpose was to provide access for the rest of his Core. Bypassing and disabling every barrier and obstacle between his Core and Omega, Shadowjak finally reached the goal....Omega. Taking the battle to the very beast himself, Anton's Core fought bravely and even succeeded in injuring Omega. But, alas, it was not enough, the Entropic Evil began to kill the other member's of Anton's Core. At the fringes of the battle, Shadowjak had been taking on the various minions as he was not of Omega's caliber in sheer power. As Omega approached Anton's “queenâ€, Synk, the Umbral Infiltrator attacked the mighty being. Ever the saboteur, Shadowjak did what he does best, he sabotaged Omega. Though he cannot remember what he did, he does know that something about power and the energy the makes up Omega reacted violently. In an explosion of dimensional proportion, Anton was thrown through his own shadow and emerged injured and dazed in Freedom City. Feeling the loss of his Core, Anton wakes up in Freedom City. Realizing that THIS place fought off Omega...and that if HE survived, then Omega must have too. Anton has set out to learn everything about this place...it's heroes and their capabilities. Of their triumphs and tragedies....for somewhere within this knowledge is the key to defeating Omega. Perhaps forever. Complications Stranger in a strange land. Being a dimensional outcast, Anton is slightly lost within this one. More human than human. His inhuman appearance that is only noticeable close up makes personal relationships difficult Out of Synk. Missing his “queenâ€, Anton looks to others for the lead. While able to operate upon his own, he prefers to follow someone else's plan. Out of Synk 2. Synk was a female and was both a mother figure and a potential mate for Anton. As such, he hangs on to the hope that Synk is still alive and is being held captive by Omega. Abilities (0+0+6+8+4+0=18pp) Strength 10(+0) Dexterity 10/26(+0/+8) with Enhanced Reflexes Constitution 16(+3) Intelligence 18(+4) Wisdom 14(+2) Charisma 10(+0) Saves (0+0+0+0/see powers) Toughness +3/+8 with Defensive Roll Fortitude +3 Reflex +8/+11 with Enhanced Reflexes Will +2/+5 with Enhanced Will Combat (12+16=28pp) Trade Off: +2 Defense/-2 Toughness, +2 Attack/-2 Damage Base Attack +6/+12 with Attack Focus: Melee Grapple +12 Base Defense 18/22 With Dodge Focus, Flat-Footed 11 Knockback +4 Damage: Melee +6/+8 With Sneak Attack Initiative +8 Skills (88 ranks 3.5+3.25+3.25+3+2+2+.5+2+2+3.5=22pp) Acrobatics 14(22) Computer 11(15)Skill Mastery Disable Device 11(15)Skill Mastery Escape Artist 12(20)Skill Mastery Knowledge: Electronics 8(12) Knowledge: Security Systems 8(12) Languages 2: Native Russian, English, German Notice 8(10) Sleight of Hand 8(16) Stealth 14(22)Skill Mastery Feats (33pp) Accelerated Acrobatics Accelerated Stealth Acrobatic Bluff Attack Focus: Melee 6 Defensive Roll 5 Dodge Focus 4 Elusive Target Evasion 2 Fearless Hide in Plain Sight Improved Concealment Improved Throw Improved Trip Move-By Action Redirect Skill Mastery (Computer, Disable Device, Escape Artist, Stealth) Sneak Attack Sweeping Strike Uncanny Dodge Auditory Up the Wall Powers (12+6+2+1+16+3+3+6=49pp) Shadow Mastery Container(20pp) Shadow Diving(10+1+1pp) Teleportation 3 (300' Short Range, 300lbs of Additional Mass, Extended Range 1000') Feats: Change Direction, Easy, Subtle and Turnabout Alternate Power: Damage 5 Area Burst: Targetable(Rapid Attack/Umbral Fury) Alternate Power: Dimensional Pocket 5(Shadow Trap) Complication: Teleport is Shadow based...flows down into a shadow. No Capability for Shadow to form, then no Shadow Diving allowed. Shadowmeld(5+1pp) Concealment: All Visual, Darkness/Shadows Only Feat: Close(Shadowmeld) Alternate Power: Concealment: All Visual, Partial Feat: Close(Shadow Decoy)Note: modeled after Distortion from UP. Super Vision: Darkvision(2pp) Genetic Modifications(29pp) Feature: Nictating Membrane(Second Chance: Visual Dazzle)(1pp) Enhanced Dexterity 16(16pp) Enhanced Reflexes 3(3pp) Enhanced Will 3(3pp) Strike 6(6pp) Costs: Abilities(18)+ Saves(0)+ Combat(28)+ Skills(22)+ Feats(33)+Powers(49) *Note-Up the Wall is from Mecha and Manga. It is a feat that allows Acrobatic check for climbing as long as there are things to launch from at each point of contact. This is limited by characters leap length. Examples of this are parkour and Jackie Chan doing the corner climb where he bounces from one wall to another and ascends the wall.
  3. Players Name: Nightshyft Power Level: 10 (150) Trade-Offs: None Unspent PP: None Character’s Name: Erebus Night Alternate Identity: Umbreus Height: 5’11†Weight:: 175lbs. Hair: Black Eyes:Green Description: History: The statue gleams in the night, it’s golden surface reflecting even the light of the moon. Though it commemorates a great hero and his ultimate sacrifice, it also represents a wary warrior, guarding his domain even after his demise. Many flock to the statue…some to see a marvelous wonder, and others to honor the Mighty Warrior. A man who gave his life so that they could have their own. No one will ever forget Centurion. That, however, cannot be said for the figure that flows one dark night from the shadow of this great man. As the shadows become solid, the form stumbles in what appears to be fatigue. Taking a moment to crouch and gather his bearings, the dark form looks up and around. Hhhuuunnhhnn….where? Where am I? Shaking his head, Erebus’ eyes narrow as he recognizes where stands. Late….dammit I am late again…I missed him and another hero paid the price. Slowly, Erebus stands and looks back at the monument from whose shadow he emerged. Centurion? Noble name…noble sacrifice I promise…it won‘t be in vain. He WILL pay…someday, somehow. If you beat him off…he will return. And when he does…I will be here…ready. Standing tall, Erebus Night gives Legionaries salute to the fallen man, before stalking off in the night. Abilities (42pp) Strength 20(+5) Dexterity 26(+8) Constitution 16(+3) Intelligence 16(+3) Wisdom 14(+2) Charisma 10(+0) Combat (22pp) Attack +5(+10 Unarmed) Grapple +3 Defense +6(+10 with Dodge Focus, Flat-Footed +3) Knockback +5(+2 when Flat-Footed) Initiative +8 Saves (8pp) Toughness +3(+10 Defensive Roll) Fortitude +3 Reflex +13 Will +6 Skills (12pp) Acrobatics 12(+20) Knowledge: Streetwise 8(+13) Notice 8(+11) Sense Motive 8(+10) Stealth 12(+20) Feats (31pp) Accelerated Acrobatics Accelerated Stealth Acrobatic Bluff Attack Focus: Unarmed 5 Defensive Roll 7 Dodge Focus 4 Elusive Target Evasion 2 Hide in Plain Sight Improved Throw Improved Trip Move-By Action Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Notice, Sense Motive, Stealth) Sneak Attack 2 Takedown Attack Uncanny Dodge: Auditory Powers Shadow Mastery(11pp) Darkness Control 5 Alternate Power: Concealment: All Visual, Close Teleport 8(22pp) Feats: Change Direction, Change Facing, Easy, Subtle and Turnabout Alternate Power: Rapid Attack 7(Damage 7: Area/Burst [Targeted], Selective) Darkvision(2pp) This is just the start...he is a survivor of an Omega invasion. A world's last retaliation....his goal is to stop Omega. This is the base idea, Sandman, though brought up Omega's generals....I can change his target to one of those if need be. Story is very rough and very basic...will expand it.
  4. Like I said, someone here asked for this and asked for me to post it. I did as requested and in turn was admonished. Thanks for the reply and honesty, I appreciate it. And thanks for your observations.
  5. You know what amazes me? What I built is exactly what you suggest Durf. It is an Extra Dimensional Space that you jump into and have to exit to attack. It is structured exactly as you stated...and it even have results when you fail and limits as to the speed of the shadow. The Trap extra is broken as written due to the fact it is missing the important point that it OVERRIDES the original power...as such, it would be better off as an Alternate Power instead of an Extra. SO, that extra needs removed. Play, as stated IS too useful as written....so removal of that as well. Simple is good...that is a misnomer. Known is good is what should be stated. Another example I ran into of this mistatement.... Rapid Attack vs Damage X Area Burst[Targetable]. These are the same thing except for TWO major difference. Rapid Attack is simplfied...to the point and already written, where as Damage etc, etc....is horribly complicated in that it it has to define the actual components that make up Rapid Attack. In a nutshell, that makes it semantics and not mechanics. And second, Rapid Attack is TIED to a travel power for the descriptor, where as DamageX needs the descriptor labeled out. Rapid Attack was called too complicated. To me, that boggles my mind...it is straight to the point and has everything else the other does, and is a KNOWN. Frankly, a power build system is about building the powers. In my opinion, that is what M&M is...a power build system. It is a beautiful system in that it provides all of the essential building blocks to build any power conceivable. True, everything is subject to GM approval, as well it should be. While I fully acknowledge that this power(and most likely any concept I make near this build) will be out and out rejected. However, I cannot help but defend what I see as being the same thing. Thanks for listening.
  6. No offense...I do know the system. I have been playing for quite awhile and I do know how to build a power that has balancing aspects. That being said, this is an unbalanced one....I know that. It needs reworked. For the record...I posted this at the request of someone else who saw this. Normally I wouldn't have, but some who have seen the solution I have posted don't like the "clunkiness" of the Possession idea. Honestly, Character Building seems to be about power building. What I posted was exactly that....a power that was built using the system...specifically using the guidelines laid out in Masterminds Manual. I can understand not liking the power. I can understand not wanting the power in the game and stating that it will not get approval. Getting snarky is something I don't understand. Please, please don't assume that someone has NOT played the system. Thank you
  7. SHADOW DIVING Effect: Movement Range: Self Action: Standard/Move Duration: Instant (Lasting) Cost: 2 points per Rank You can create a temporary dimensional pocket within a shadow, then as a move action, can merge with said pocket. This Shadow Pocket will "hide" you from everything except dimensional detection. While in the Shadow Pocket, you are able to "Ride" within the originating shadow if the shadow's caster is capable of moving. The speed of this movement is limited in two fashions. First, you can only move as fast as the shadow's caster can move. Second, you can only "ride" in a shadow moving at 3MPH at rank 1. Each additional rank moves the speed one step up The Time and Value Progression Table. When no shadow is available, then the Shadow Diving ability is unavailable, along with any extras or power feats associated with it. Furthermore, at any time that the target's shadow is non-existent, then the Shadow Diver is expelled from the Shadow Pocket in the last location that the shadow existed. This can be extremely dangerous if the Shadow Diver is "riding" in a very fast shadow. In this instance, you must make a Reflex save versus a DC of 10 +the rank of the speed of the shadow (use The Time and Value Progression Table to figure the rank of the speed using the same formula as above). Failure means that you take full Slam damage (Pg. 158, M&M 2E) instead of half damage. All other effects remain the same. Power Feats________________________________________ • Adumbration: You can sense the surrounding area around the Shadow Pocket you are currently merged with. • Passengers: You can take another person with you into the shadow pocket. For each additional time you take this stunt, you move on step up The Time and Value Progression Table. • Shadow Strike: You have the ability to perform a Surprise Attack( see Surprise Attack, Page 163 Mutants and Masterminds core book) by swiftly Shadow Diving into and then back out of an opponent's shadow. This can only be performed upon opponents whose shadow you currently reside in. However, the Shift extra allows you to change shadows, thus allowing you to attack another target other than your originating shadow. Extras_____________________________________________ • Shift (+1): You can move from one shadow to another shadow, effectively changing the shadow that you are occupying. However, the shadow you currently reside in must intersect the shadow you are traversing to. Shifting from one shadow to another is a move action. • Trap (+1): This power functions exactly like the attack version of Dimensional Pocket( Pg. 82, M&M2E), trapping the target within a shadow. Make a Melee attack roll. The Target gets a Reflex save to avoid being trapped. A trapped target can use Dimensional movement to escape. Additionally, the trapped target gets a Will save each round to escape from the Shadow Trap with a cumulative +1 bonus for each previous save attempt. Play (+1): This ability allows the character to alter the depth, size and shape of shadows within an area. The base function of this power is Environmental Control: Visibility(Pg. 49, Ultimate Power) in that it deepens all nearby shadows and improves Stealth by hampering Notice and Search checks by a -4 modifier. In addition, it allows the user to cause the shadows to grow or shrink as desired. In doing this, it provides more opportunities for the character to “Shift†from one shadow to another. Finally, a character using this ability can opt to use it to function like the following feats instead of altering shadow densities in an area: Distract, Fascinate, or Fearsome Presence. All of the feats use the rank of Shadow Diving as their rank in effectiveness and only one type of ability maybe performed at a time. Switching from one function to another is a free action.
  8. OK....I am just working out the mechanics before story. Base Idea is a character that "Jacks" peoplesand objects sahdows for means of moving, reaching things. The Descriptor for the Possession power is he becomes the target's shadow, thus the counter is Light shined on him which allows another save attempt. Thus I present the first draft... Abilities (38pp) Strength 16(+3) Dexterity 26(+8) Constitution 16(+3) Intelligence 16(+3) Wisdom 14(+2) Charisma 10(+0) Combat (22pp) Attack +5(+10 Unarmed) Grapple +3 Defense +6(+10 with Dodge Focus, Flat-Footed +3) Knockback +5(+2 when Flat-Footed) Initiative +8 Saves (8pp) Toughness +3(+10 Defensive Roll) Fortitude +3 Reflex +13 Will +6 Skills (18pp) Acrobatics 12(+20) Disable Device 12(+15) Escape Artist 12(+20) Knowledge: Streetwise 8(+13) Notice 8(+11) Sense Motive 8(+10) Stealth 12(+20) Feats (27pp) Accelerated Acrobatics Accelerated Stealth Acrobatic Bluff Defensive Roll 7 Dodge Focus 4 Elusive Target Evasion 2 Fast Overrun Hide in Plain Sight Improved Overrun Move-By Action Power Attack Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Notice, Sense Motive, Stealth) Sneak Attack 2 Uncanny Dodge: Auditory Up the Wall Powers (27pp) Possession 10, Flaw: Cannot Influence Actions, Alternate Save: Reflex(22pp) Alternate Power: Transmit Shadow 6 with Accurate, Change Direction, Easy, Moving Feint, Subtle, Turnabout Alternate Power: Elongation 6 with Projection and Indirect 3 Super-Vision: Darkvision (2pp) Strike 2 with Mighty(3pp) Note: Up the Wall is a Mecha and Manga feat that allows Acrobatics to second as a means of climbing as long as there are ledges and such he can flip from and use as springboards. This, along with some of the other feats is to represent Parkour/Free-Running.
  9. Hello all...I bring an interesting question. One that poped up the other day in Chat and got me to thinking(dangerous gambit there). The subject is the Flaw: Medium. At first look, it is a fairly simple flaw. Easy to understand and pretty straight forward...at least on the surface. It requires that something be present for one to access a given ability that has said flaw. That is easy. The hard part comes in this...when the medium TOO available is it really a flaw? This question comes about due to a power I have been thinking of using in an upcoming character, that being Transmit Shadow. Transmit Shadow is from Ultimate Power, page 198....a sub category of the transmit power. Nasically put, it is Teleport with the Medium Flaw. Now, the other examples in the sample section are Mirrors, Networks, Plants and Water(in Addition to Shadow). Of the list, only Mirrors seems to be a true flaw in that having a mirror handy at another location could be an issue. Networks, in today's society, is almost a joke(it's a 3G world!). Granted, there ARE places that will have no Network, and you may end up there. But for the most part, most adventures will be within cities(traditional superhero playgrounds) with places not having access to Networks an exception instead of the norm. Plants fall under the same thing, even the Desert has plants. The ONLY place I can think of with no plants is the Artic/Antartic. True, plants might be scarce in a city setting (opposite of Networks), but there are enough to allow for at least some semblence of free travel. Water falls under a situational banner. Three Quarters of the globe is covered in water....and things like puddles and fountains can also help. Sewers, though nasty, also fit this bill quite nicely. Then I look at Shadow....my prefered and obviously the most blatant problem. EVERYTHING casts a shadow if it blocks some light. Even in Darkness, there can be shadows IF something blocks light(my personal Favorite: Cars. Due to their very headlights, they cast shadows underneath themselves in even the darkest of nights! In my particular case, another problem area arose. How big does a shadow need to be? First answer...big enough for you to fit through. My reply....then a target's shadow would suffice? Answer: Well....hesitation. Why? Because it is damn close to being a non-flaw at that point. Medium Flaws suffer from Perception Chaos....meaning what I perceive as good enough may not be the same as what others perceive as being good or being too much. A Shadow that was the same size as me....let's say I am average in size....that would mean that everyperson my size or bigger AND every object my size or bigger...that casts a shadow is now my doorway. Is that a flaw at that point or mearly a descriptor? Last example(I swear!)....Doctor Metropolis. Forgive me if I am wrong as I only have the FIRST edition Freedom City. BUT, he uses Teleport: Flaw: Medium: Urban Areas. That is a blatant joke. He is a City Spirit....he is tied to the city and should he leave the city, he looses his powers. Thus, a Medium Flaw of Urban Areas is a travesty. He will ALWAYS be in an Urban Area. He cannot function anywhere else. That is not a flaw...that is a descriptor. I apologize if this has been brough to attention before, I must have missed it. If not, think hard on what this means...when are Mediums descriptors instead of Flaws.
  10. I can understand the difficulty in reading someone elses power blocks...I suffer the same at times. Dimensional Pocket Attack...I can fully understand that and I am good with that decision. After some long deliberation last night at work, I have concluded that I might as well stick with the orginal build of Transmit Shadow X. It is the simplest and most easily recognized of formats for something of this nature. That being said, Thanks guys for your suggestions and help. I truly appreciate it Soon, I will submit a character for approval using the approved format for the character sheet here....maybe then my power intentions will be clear. Thanks again.
  11. wow...two very different ways. The Dimensional one has been mentioned before....but I see several issues with it's implications. One: Dimensional Movement is very unbalanced in it's cost for what it does. Effectively an " I am not here, you cannot hurt me" power. While that is fantastic, it also grants TOO much for too little. Two: there is no "travel" portion of the power. In a sense, it is a reversion to Transmit: Shadow in that it is an instantaneous thing. I pop in the shadow and magically pop out at the location. I know that this is simply semantics and effects in question...and that is shouldn't matter. BUT, if I accepted that, then I would have utilized Transmit Shadow and been done with it. Quotemyname: Wow.... Again, this gets nasty. For the most part, again it reverts to Transmit Shadows. A MUCH more costly version at that due to the added in Insubstantial and Concealment(Which I feel are correct for the record). Which brings me to a revalation....Teleport in general. IT is instantaneous in from going from point A to point B. Everyone gets that point. It is an understandable thing and more importantly an accepted thing. Now, what we MISS in this is simply this....the Teleporter is BOTH Insubstantial and Concealed while traveling, ableit for such a small fraction of time that it warrants no cost adjustment. My Shadow Diving SLOWS Teleport down and adds in a limitation on SPEED instead of a limitation on Distance(switching the limiters). Traditionally, this is a FLAW. BUT, upon slowing Teleport down we REdiscover the hidden benefits of Insubstantial and Concealment, thus find that instead of the cost reducing, it actually increases! This is How I build the Power when limited to Transmit Shadow: Transmit Shadow 6 w/ Change Direction, Easy, Subtle 2, and Turnabout(11pp) That allows for a silent teleporter that rises out of target's shadow and attacks, then fades BACK into the shadow to disappear. However, it is again, instantaneous and fails in flavor. Transmit Shadow 6 w/ Changed Limiter: Speed for Distance(+0), Insubstantial 1(it cannot go through solid objects, just clear objects...again a switch of limiters)(+1), and Concealment Blending/Shadow(Sight, Hearing, and Scent)(+1)....Feats Change Direction, Easy, and Turnabout(21pp) That is a breakdown of what I see....this power all came about from Masterminds Manual after reading the power breakdowns. Possession has the MELDING power block....it has no clear discriptors except this, it allows character to BECOME one with Target...effectively merge with it's composition. And the crazy thing is listed as a +1 power. It offers no control or influence over the target. That comes from the Mind Control portion of Possession.. Insubstantial 1 and the Blending are essentiallay what this is...I think? Some Other Clarifications....NO Shadow means that the character is expeled into corporeal. Exceeding the Speed limiter Expels the Character into the Corporeal... This power has been haunting me ever sense MaMa came out....Unlimited Power added in Transmit Shadow to further clarify it. And recent powers in Mecha and Manga have also gave me some other APs to add in if I can get it floating. It is a monster of a power that is really not a direct combat power(which is where most of the power issues start)... OH, QMN....the second AP is actually nothing I was considering. The Dimensional Pocket attack effectively removes the target from the combat(Dimensional Pocket is insanely powerful in that use, clearly overlooked by many). Instead of Strike, it would be Teleport with Attack Extra. And Teleport 20....you realize that it would either represent the distance to the moon or if used as a speed modifier, the speed of light? Does any of my build make sense, or am I looking TOO far into things?
  12. Hey there....I have returned after a long absence. After some serious overhauls upon my computer, I am able log back on FC PBP. Since that time, alot of things have changed apparently. Looking forward to rediscovering the fun that can be had here. Now, that I have returned, I was wondering a few things. One I am hoping to retool and OLD villain who never got any true play time into a hero and TWO, I was wondering if you guys would help me build an unusual power. The Power is what I call Shadow Diving. ORIGINALLY, I built it as Transmit Shadow X, but that fails in my eyes to accurately describe it's function. Maybe others here can chime in on how they would do this.... In a nutshell, Shadow Diving allows the Character(Shadowjak) to meld into a TARGET'S shadow and become that shadow. While AS the shadow, Shadowjak can travel at that target's speed as long as the shadow's caster actually moves. Sounds easy enough, and at first glance it fit's Transmit Shadow. But, Transmit Shadow is INSTANTANEOUS transition between shadows. Not a prolonged travel ability. I had built a power framework myself that used the Meld function from possession(a +1 power) that was in the breakdown in Masterminds Manual, Added in Speed(+1) for the aqquired speed that accrues with rank, denoting a limit to the speed(using the Time/Value Table....excessing the limit forces the Shadow Diver OUT of the Shadow), and I added another +1 to represent the Concealment factor of the ability, giving the the power Shadow Diving a +3/Rank cost. results are a concealed, Intangible means of transportation that is limited by target's speed and direction. Feats added to this was Shadow Puppetry(ability to alter and move the shadow, make it any shape and giving it life while the Shadow Diver possesses it....no affect on corpreal), and Shadow Jump(tranfer from one shadow to another as long as the two intersect). Extras were Shadow Trap(+1), Effectively the Attack Portion of Dimensional Pocket and Shadow Bind(+1) Snare using the target's shadow to hold him. After some consideration though, Both Shadow Trap and Shadow Bind could be better represented as Alternate Powers. However, opinion on the base power would be appreciated. I always have the optin of reverting BACK to Transmit Shadow, but would prefer to see if anyone has a better idea/build. Thanks
  13. Guys...I wish to apologize. I have been remiss in not keeping up in my posting. Part of the issue is that I have "Lost" the feel for this character...part of it is that I have too much on my plate right now. I sorry to say that I must withdraw from this story. Doc...I sincerely apologize to you for holding up your story and regret casuing any hard feelings anyone has...good luck and good story.
  14. "Good...Kato, Angel...let me take point. Give me a little space." Upon saying that, Nightshyft summons the Midnight Mist. He gathers the living darkness around him, flowing it in front of him like a faithful hound. Then the Nocturnal Nemesis does what he does best...he stalks forward, on the hunt once again.
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