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Powers as feats.


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So some of these types of swaps are standard (Fearless for instance). Other suplements suggest more (Warriors and warlocks does this in several areas IIRC).

The only real difference in these cases seems to be that they are not able to be used with extra effort and they can't be nullified. this is the same as innate however which has a cost associated. So are these kind of substitutions allowable? Or is it better to just buy them as powers with the Training descriptor?

Just looking at it from the perspective of trying to build 'super' normal types, where being able to be nullified doesn't really make much sense.

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Personally, I don't think there's a single effect in the game that costs 1PP that is balanced as a power but cheesy or overpowered as a feat. I have no problem with powers that can be reduced to 1PP being taken as feats instead. I'm even open to the possibility of 1PP/rank powers-as-feats, like Fearsome Presence (it's pretty much Emotion Control [Limited]).

Others may disagree. I'll bring it up for discussion in the RefCave.

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