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Curses! Foiled Again!

Sandman XI

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I am trying to design a Curse Array. I want it to look like so:

Curse A

AP: Curse B

AP: Curse C

You can put Curse A on one person, Curse B on another and Curse C on a third. Though if you want to Put Curse C on the first person, you'd have to drop Curse A off of him.

I've had two thoughts. One, is to use Transform:

Transform (curse effect; Extras: Duration/Continuous; Flaw: Staged)

AP: et cetera

AP: et cetera

Staged would be something like "fail 1 effect, fail by 5 bigger effect, fail by 10 really bad effect"

The other idea would be to put Continuous (Lasting) on some other effects.

Any suggestions?

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