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Wanted Posters (IC) Colt


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This world's sheriff's office was much different from his own. This one was busier. People bustled left and right, up and down, and most annoyingly, all around. Not only had Colt been required to check his weapons at the door, but he had also been required to go through a few hours of paperwork to register both Jericho and Marlin. The paperwork had even longer due to the fact that both guns were an "unusual model". Feeling naked without his guns, Colt wandered the police station and finally came upon what he was looking for. A board with posters on it. It was covered in Missing Persons, Wanted Criminals, the works. Or at least that was what he expected to see. What he got was two posters. One small time crook, and one child who had run away from home. "Sure is a strange world I wandered inta."

Colt tore the posters down nonetheless. After a few minutes of questioning, he finally got someone to tell him where the sheriff was. After much confusion, he was finally led to the office of the police chief...Where he promptly waited 45 minutes just to be seen. "Alright, sheriff. I c'n see yall're busy here so I'll make this brief." He tossed the two posters on to his desk. "I reckon I c'n find these two and bring 'em in. Whadaya say ta that?"

The police chief Eyed him warily. "Somehow I doubt that. This one's been missing for a whole year." he pointed to the little girl on the missing persons poster. "And he's got more false identities than an impressionist."

"Well that don't matter none. Just makes ma job more excitin' is all..."

Eventually Colt managed to work out a deal with the chief of police. If he could bring in these two individuals, there would be a reward in it for him. Furthermore, they were now required to allow Colt to walk around the police station carrying his weapons. Colt quickly made his way out of the police station. Happily, he reclaimed both Jericho and Marlin and departed the station. He stepped outside and the sky was dark.

"Well I reckon that was time wasted if'n I ever saw it. Better tell'em to have the next marks ready if'n I come in agin. Well... Better get started." He glanced down at the two posters and began committing the descriptions to memory.

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October 8, 2009

Colt's mission with Ace Danger had gone well. The following day he returned to the Police station to find the board of wanted posters a lot more well stocked than before. Now he had the choice of targets that he had been looking for.

John "Smarty" Phillips - Grand Theft Auto, Drug Trafficking, Aggrivated Assault, Resisting Arrest... Yall sure got a long list next ta yer name. Colt tore the poster from the wall. Reckon things look like they're finally gettin' innerestin'.

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