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Cabo Wabo (OOC)


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hope you don't mind, but I looked at their sheets and made some quick assumptions. Since Eddie's ranged attack bonus is x2-3 Zöe's, I assumed he'd murder her at skee-ball. But her Strength bonus is x4 his (except when he's in ROCK form), so I also assumed she'd school him at the strongman booth.

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yea that last bit's not a problem.

If I can assume just for a second, now that it's September, that I will be hitting caps on my perform skills once my updates go through, that puts me at +21 to perform Vocals. Coming in at 31 with skill mastery.

If that's not okay, the PL10 version of breakdown has already been approved, and his check is only one point lower and comes in at 30.

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At this point, I'm using magic Ref powers to declare that Zephyr's Complication comes into play, causing her to make use of Uncontrolled Time powers. In this case, a lot of Shared Quickness alternating with AoE Slows. Time speeds up and slows down for them both, sometimes in relation to each other, sometimes affecting them both in the same way. All sorts of chronal madness happens.

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Geckoman kicked one of the gang in the face, ducking the knife of another and kneeing a third in the groin as he came up again. However, the fourth and final member of the gang had got behind him, and Chris found himself being spun around and pinned to the wall.

Luckily, at that moment, all five men, gang member and superhero alike, turned their heads slowly to the East.

"Is that what I think it is...?"

"Oh, c'mon bro-ther!"

Geckoman managed to slip away among the cheers and sounds of car horns honking.

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