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First Day Back (IC)


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Captain Knievel stood outside the bar in the fens. He wasn't wearing his normal outfit. He was dressed in a light blue button down shirt, and a dark blue set of jeans on. He also sported a shiny new belt buckle, and a hardy looking pair of tan steel toed boots. Completing the ensemble was a large trench coat that covered everything.

"I've wait a long time for this" He said to himself from his place across the street. He had been too long in isolation. He needed to get things moving so to speak.

He quickly crossed the street. There was a reasonable line waiting to get into the bar, but he just walked around it. There were whispers here and there as some recognized him. But he trusted that he was in the right part of town that most of the people that did recognize him wouldn't care. Or better yet, they might want an autograph. Still, there were those few people that decided to make an early night of it and take off when he saw them. It didn't matter, nobody in the Fens called the police anyway.

Captain Knievel strode right up to the bouncer. The bouncer didn't even look at him. "ID?" the man said, holding out his hand. Captain Knievel stepped forward, and towered over the man, even though he was no small guy.

Their eyes met, and suddenly the bouncer recognized him. "I ain't got one." said Knievel.

The bouncer gulped. "Don't need one. Go on in." and he jerked his head towards the door.

Captain Knievel smiled. It always felt good when people recognized you. "What, no cover charge?"

The bouncer shook his head and peered around Knievel to take a look at the line. "No! Now just get in there before somebody else sees you! Tell 'em, 'Ronnie said to open the door,' and they should let you into the back."

Captain Knievel nodded. "Thanks." and he strolled down the steps into the below street level bar.

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Tonight's patrolling would take place in The Fens. Angel needed a place to hang out before she started. This club seemed pretty much busy enough to keep her interested until then. She was n't overdressed for the situation, but this king of atmosphere didn't call for her normal attire. She had an orange theme going with her clothes tonight.

Walking up to the bouncer, Angel flashed her identification.

"Ms. Marks," he said with a cheesy grin, talking as if he had known her forever, "Please come in. We hope you enjoy our fine establishment."

Angel smiled and entered the place. Amazingly enough, it wasn't crowded. There was a decent crowd though.

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Captain Knievel knew that the fens would be the one place in town that he could hang out and still get away with not having to hide in the shadows. What's more, he was all but sure that there would be more than a few people in this section of town that would be happy to see his return. That being said, It wasn't surprising that Captain Knievel had gotten sidetracked at the bar on his way to the back room.

Despite some weak protests from the bartender, he seemed to be giving out rounds of shots 'on the house'. If the bartender complained too loudly, Knievel simply snarled at him until he quieted down. After the fourth round of shots, Captain Knievel noticed the new arrival.

He constantly had his eyes on the door to make sure that no reasonably respectable people entered. But when he saw her, he was distracted enough that he forgot to snarl at the bartender, who began to scamper away. Hot damn! Captain Knievel thought as he reached over the bar and snagged the bartender by his apron. "Two more, Mac." He said to the man. The Bartender was forced to pour two more shots before he Knievel let him scamper away.

Captain Knievel's coat had been hanging on the coat rack in the corner of the room near the front door. He was now down to his button down shirt and jeans. For all intents and purposes he looked just like a normal (if very large) man as he walked up to the girl.

"Hey there. Couldn't help but notice you looked thirsty." Captain Knievel smiled and held out one of the two shot glasses for the girl to take.

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Angel was shocked at the meeting of this known criminal. Did the people not know who this was? Did they not care? And he was offering her a drink. It would be awkward not to accept. She wasn't going to make a scene. She would lull him into a false sense of security, get him out of here and then kick his ass. There was a bounty on this man, and she was looking to collect.

"Thanks," Angel nodded happily as she accepted the drink. She downed the liquid courage in a hope to keep her tongue tied. Smiling, she handed the shot glass back to him, "Come here often?"

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He's a bad liar, Angel thought, but at least he's not trying to be as brash as they say he was. She smiled and took a seat. "Nice to meet you Jason. So, what brings you here? You from around here?" Are you worth a whole lot of money and reputation once I kick your ass and hand you over to the cops? Yes, you are! Angel smiled at the thought along with the small talk.

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"Actually, yes. I was born and raised in Freedom City." Captain Knievel always tried to be as truthful as he could with the women. He just wasn't sure about this girl yet. How much can I actually say?

"Unfortunately, a little while ago, I had to leave town due to some complications with my job." He gave a wave of his hand. "There was a lot of legal jargon involved, I'm sure you don't want to hear about it."

Their drinks finally arrived, and Captain Knievel took a long pull from a nice dark beer. Setting the mug down in front of him, he flashed the girl that nice big smile he was oh so famous for. He hoped it wasn't too much...*SHEEN*...God that feels good to do it again after so long!

"And how about you?"

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Angel smiled, "I'm one one of those trust fund babies with little to do." An idea lit up in her head! Captain Kneivel is known for his crazy stunts. Maybe she could lure him out with a promise of one of those. "So I just do crazy things. Live for the moment." She leaned in with a wicked grin and a whisper, "Ever been to the top of Pyramid Plaza and jumped off of it? It's a blast."

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Oh she's crafty...Maybe she does know who I am, she's just trying to make sure. Captain Knievel thought. But how do I handle this... Oh @#$% she's just a girl! She probably just wants my autograph... or something else...

"Yea actually, I used to do it all the time." He smiled at her and leaned back in the booth they were sitting at. He practically oozed confidence. "You've got to be safe about it though." He wagged a finger at her, almost as an afterthought.

A little classic misdirection never hurt anyone...

"So... Trust fund, huh? What's your daddy do?" He said with another sip of his drink.

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That was a bit too close, Angel thought, don't want to let him on that I know who he is! She shrugged, "Business stuff. He ain't here, is he?" She looked at her prey with a smile and a wink, "You seem much more interesting," she slowly traced his hand with her finger when he set his drink down, "I'd rather talk about you."

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Shit, what now? Angel thought frantically as she looked at 'Jason' calm and collectedly, Asked his name and why he's here. Could be a little more flirtatious. Then the thought dawned on her. She would have to get close enough to this known mass murderer to get him to drop his guard.

"Hm," Angel said still playing with Jason's hand, gently caressing it, "like what do you do? Life's more than just a nine-to-five work day." She leaned in, taking a deep breath and allowing someone to get a good view of some lucious curves. Just enough to tempt any red-blooded man. She whispered, her voice warm and inviting, "What do you want to do?"

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Oh yea. Subtlety was NOT one of Captain Knievel's strong suit. He took notice of the girls body, and he made sure she saw him doing it. This is gonna be good.

He leaned in close so their faces were near each other. He took her hand in his and said, "Baby, I'd like to give you the time of your life." He placed his free hand behind her neck, pulled her close, and kissed her.

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This had to be the weirdest feeling ever. No one kisses a mass murderer and thinks well of it. It was like kissing Satan. Still she had to keep him occupied until she could get him out of here. A plan was hatching in her head.

Leaning into the kiss, she played along and 'enjoyed' it. A little bit too much. Afterwards, she whispered into his ear, "I've been following your work. I think you deserve some appreciation. How about I take you out back and make you very, very happy?"

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"What are we waiting for?" Captain Knievel knocked back one more shot that had just arrived at the table for them, threw some bills on the table and rose, albeit a little unsteadily from his seat.

"Problem is, this place has no back door." Captain Knievel said, eyeing the VIP door that he had planned to enter earlier in the night. "We've gotta go out the front." Captain Knievel extended his hand to Angel to help her rise from the booth.

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