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Juke Box Hero (IC)


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Eddie had spent the past few weeks putting up flyers around town. He made sure they were brightly colored and well designed so as to attract as much attention as possible. They also happened to be the type of flyer that has the tear off bits at the bottom with a phone number you can call.

Looking for talented musicians to form a band. Vocalist already on board, looking for drummer, guitarist, and others.

The flyer was short and sweet, but he was sure that it would get the word out.

"And now all I have to do is wait around and hope someone calls me." He said to himself as he walked away from stapling the last flyer to a telephone pole.

A few minutes later a large man with a huge mop of shaggy black hair approached the flyer and tore a piece of the bottom away from the paper. As he walked away, the two drumsticks sticking out of the back pocket of his torn jeans were clearly visible...

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Jadon few from building to building. The thousand's of little orbs making up his body at the time passing harmlessly through doors, walls and roofs. Sure he could just call Eddie like a normal person but that's wasn't much fun... that and looking for him this way gave him an excuse to check out the school more.

As he drifted in the air for a second JJ suddenly spotted the headphones Eddie always had on in. The swarm of light's shot of dodging people as he made his way towards Eddie.

"Hey Eddie wait up." an ethereal like voice yelled after him, as the small glowing swarm of light's buzzed up to Eddie and than proceeded to orbit him.

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"Wah!" Eddie gave a start "Dude you scared me! How did you come out of the wall like that?" Eddie greeted JJ with the usual handshake and motioned for him to keep walking with him.

"I'm on my way to the practice space that I just rented for the band that I am putting together. It's just around this corner here."

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Jadon chuckled slightly, the light's comprising his body lighting up as he made the sound. The swarm than move's back a foot or two before a quick flash and Jadon's human form was standing in front of Eddie.

Shaking his Eddie's hand Jadon than moves into line with Eddie. "Cool, that's actually what I wanted to talk to you about. I wanted to see if I could join? I'm not too bad with a Keyboard."

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"Oh sure man!" Eddie smiled his typical large smile. "I can think of a million things to do with a good keyboard player. I'll have to see how good you are, of course, but other than that I have no problems with you joining. You actually came at a good time. I'm coming here to meet our new drummer"

The two walked around the corner. "And there it is..." Eddie gestured towards the garage in front of the two. He had rented a small storage space it looked like. It wasn't much, but it should do the trick...

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"Cool, cool." JJ said "Speaking of which I've got something really sweet to show you when we get back to the dorms, your gonna flip out over it." JJ said cryptically.

As they rounded the corner to the garage JJ smiled, "Looks like a good place to practice without getting yelled at to 'keep it down.'" Jadon said laughing slightly.

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"Heh yea. That's what the idea is." Eddie walked up to the door to the storage facility and lifted it open. "Like I said, I've gotta wait here for a few minutes for the drummer to show up. But after that we can go back and see your thing. Or you can bring it here while we wait." Eddie shrugged, indicating that it didn't matter to him.

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"I think we are about to find out." Eddie said as he pointed towards the small parking area.

A ratty old red pick up truck pulled in to a slot near the storage facility. The music inside was blaring. The speaker system was pretty nice too. "Huh...He's playing Avenged Sevenfold on that thing," remarked Eddie after he had heard the first few chords. He always felt proud that he could identify songs with ease. "I like him already!"

The back of the pickup truck held most of a drum kit. An expensive looking one. All the pieces had been strapped down so as not to move around when the truck went around turns. The man who stepped out looked to be a few years older than the high-schoolers watching him. His ratty jeans and wife beater undershirt along with his long messy hair bespoke his overall demeanor. He slammed the car door shut and walked over to them. He approached right as the song was finishing up, and he held the remote to the CD player over his shoulder and clicked the "off" button.

"You Eddie? Name's Alexis Cedar. Some people call me Chicken Sticks..." Noting the apparent muscular legs the man had, Eddie could only guess why. "...'Cuz I'm so good with these of course." Alexis said after he whipped a pair of exquisitely crafted drumsticks out of his back pocket. Neither Eddie nor JJ had ever seen equipment as nice as those sticks. The expensive drums were one thing, as both of the kids were used to paying for top notch musical gear, but the sticks...Only one word would describe them. Awe.

"Huh...I though you'd be older..."

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"Wow cool drumsticks..." JJ said awestruck by the sight of the drumsticks. "Were'd you get them?" Jadon asked, "Oh don't worry I don't want them, I play the Keyboard not the drums." JJ quickly added, The large drummer was slightly intimidating to the young hero.

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"Heh... Dunno actually, just found 'em one day. And don't worry, my bark is worse than my bite, so to speak." Alexis smiled at the pair. He did have a pretty friendly disposition even if he looked intimidating from the outside.

"Neat!" Breakdown quickly added. "Well if you wanna get started, I can help you move your stuff in." He jerked a thumb over his shoulders at the garage.

"Sounds good to me." The pair began walk towards the pickup.

"Come on JJ, if you're gonna be in the band you can help us schlep." Breakdown smiled at him.

This was gonna be FUN!

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JJ shrugged as the two spoke. Moving towards the pickup, "So ah Alexis, How long have you been drumming?" JJ asked trying to make conversation. He knew Eddie well enough from school, although admittedly he didn't know him that well, But that would change with the band, Although admittedly any hero-talk would be out of the question... that was unless 'chicken sticks' here was a closet hero.

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"Years man, years. I can't even count how long it's been." Alexis answered the proposed question as he handed JJ a snare drum. "Here carry this." was all he provided.

"Dude this is going to be the best band ever." Eddie added as he carried a bass drum to the garage. "Do you guys care about what we play? or specifically what lyrics we use?"

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Taking the snare drum from Alexis JJ followed cue as to were to put it. Thinking for a moment at Eddie's question he eventually shrugged, "I'm cool with most things, I don't mind some of the ah what's it called? Heavy classic? Classic metal? something like that, But somehow I doubt you'd have the voice for that." JJ said musing. "Ah there's a European group who do it, Nightwish or something, there pretty cool if you haven't herd them before."

Shrugging JJ continued to help unload, "But that might not be for everyone, I'm cool with what ever everyone else want's to play." JJ added.

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"Dude are you kidding? Have I heard of them?" Eddie scoffed. Asking if he had heard about a certain band was like asking if he had ever seen the sun. "Nemo is my jam! Though I do tend to prefer 'new wish' to 'old wish'. You know... After they replaced Tarja Turunen. Besides, Olzen is hot."

Alexis chuckled at the banter. "Doesn't matter to me Eddie. I can handle playing Metal drums if you need, but since you're gonna head up this band I figure I'll leave the lyrics to you." He said as he carried two cymbal stands into the garage.

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JJ shrugged as he lumped another piece of equipment off the pickup, "I figured you probably would have, but you never know there's soo many these days." JJ said carting the object to the shed. "Although I only half agree with you on the new wish, The new girl is pretty good, and pretty, but I think she lack's some of the vocal power of the old wish, but that's just me." JJ said smiling. "But yeah I'm with Alexis, your in charge it's up to you what we do, I can play almost anything on the keyboard...even country, although I'd rather not make my ears bleed." JJ said chuckling

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Eddie pointedly stopped in his tracks at that last comment. He gave a visible shudder. "Ugh...Don't even mention that crap. Far as I'm concerned... Country music does not exist."

Alexis was in the garage beginning to screw the drum kit together when he heard this. He gave a good spirited laugh. "Guess I know what we WON'T be playing!"

Eddie resumed walking. "New wish is less opera...But I don't think its any less good. Just different."

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Jadon chuckled at Eddie's reaction, "So no COUNTRY music." JJ said emphasizing country. "But yeah, I didn't mean it was bad or anything, I Just like voices which can have a bit of a kick in them." JJ said.

"So Edie, we got anyone else for the band yet?" JJ asked "I mean I'm sure we'd rock with a pare of toothpicks and a paper clip but a drummer, keyboard and vocals isn't really a full band." JJ commented.

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"Not yet. But I am sure someone will answer the call. I put those flyers out all around town." Eddie said ignoring the reference to country. He set one last piece of the drum kit down next to Alexis in the garage and then leaned up against the side wall watching him assemble it.

"No one's called me about it yet, but just for future reference, I plan to pick up one or two guitarists."

"Guitarists, drummer, keyboardist, and solo singer? You looking to sound like Cobra Starship or something?"

"Hey...It's possible. Those guys are good! They just came out with a new album too."

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"Cool, Just asking." JJ said with a smile as he finds himself a wall to lean on. "Oh... we should probably get some lighting equipment too, that'd be cool." JJ said suddenly. Giving a 'you know.' kind of look to Eddie. "Don't worry about cost, I should be able to pick us a decent set, although I might have to wait till next month, I spent quite a lot outfitting my dorm room." JJ added.

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"Cool" JJ say's to Alexis, before speaking to Eddie. "Pretty sweet, I managed to get my parent's to agree to a slight extension, seeing as all my old stuff got destroyed. So they let me get the 'basics'." JJ said with a grin, "you'll see it after this, when I show you my new Keyboard."

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"Is that the surprise you have been saving up for me?" Eddie's eyes narrowed as he observed JJ. "I'm onto you..."

Meanwhile Alexis had finished screwing his drum kit together. "Alright, boys. I am ready to go. Give me some space, because I am about to rock! This is my favorite drum solo of all time, and it took me quite a while to get it perfect."

Alexis took a few preliminary drum beats before beginning his performance. It was nothing short of stunning. Eddie wasn't used to seeing someone as good at his craft as he knew he was.

For a few moments after the drum solo finished up, Eddie remained silent. Alexis worried that he was making him sweat it out. In truth, Eddie was simply speechless.

"Dude... That was awesome!" He finally cried, "You're hired!"

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JJ simply pokes his tongue out at Eddie before turning his attention to Alexis. The guy was good, there was no doubt about it. Like Eddie JJ stood speechless for a moment before finding himself again. "Yeah dude that was totally awesome!" JJ added in after Eddie. "Hey Eddie, I think you were right, we are so gonna be totally awesome!" JJ said enthusiastically.

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"Yea that'll show you to trust me on stuff like this." Eddie gave JJ a playful slug on the shoulder. He then turned to Alexis. "But yea, you totally got the job. I've got your phone number, so I will contact you for practices and stuff. You can leave your stuff here if you want. Which reminds me..." Eddie withdrew a key ring from his pocket. "Here you go." Eddie pulled two identical keys off the key ring. "I had copies of the key to this storage room made. Each of you get one since you are both going to be in the band."

Alexis received the key from Eddie. "Thanks man," he said attaching the key to a ring of his own. "I'm fine with leaving my stuff here if I have a key to get at it. That way you can show off my equipment to any other potentials." He said this knowing that it might actually be a factor in someone else determining whether or not they want to join the band.

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