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Everybody Plays Guitar


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Hello all,

My PL6 character Eddie/Breakdown will be hitting PL10 soon. Probably October if I can keep up my posting speed with the Captain.

My idea to explain why he jumps in power level is for him to start a band. Now that he is making music, he is more in tune with it than when he was just listening to it. This should explain why his music based powers get so much better.

My question is this:

Are there any musically inclined characters on the boards that would want to join the band?

Eddie would be the front-man/singer. I also have a PL6 NPC stated out on these boards that can be used as the drummer. (See Chicken Sticks)

Are there any characters that would want to play guitar or bass? Those to are pretty much a must for a rock band, but I am sure we can accommodate any other less common instruments if others are interested.

I am also kicking around the idea for a band name, so that's up for discussion as well.

There would be an initial thread about the band getting together / meeting each other, as well as semi-regular threads after that about practices and performances. I am looking for players that would be willing to keep up a pretty regular posting stream.

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Boomer would be interested ;) If nothing else he can alway's do the lighting :P .

But given who he/his family is there's a good chance he's been trained to play some type of instrument. (although I haven't bought points, that can easily be corrected.)

As for what instrument... erm not sure... A keyboard maybe? (Keyboards probably meld better with him playing and doing lights at the same time better than other instruments, less moving about giving him the ability to focus on both playing and his power's.) /shrug ;)

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Lineup so far:

Eddie: Awesome Front Man

James: Wicked Guitarist

Zoe: Other Wicked Guitarist (or bass?)

JJ: Esoteric Keyboard Man

Chicken Sticks: Antisocial Drummer Man

This could shape up to be something awesome.

I am thinking I am going to start this thread THIS month rather than next. It will help explain HOW he gets more powerful rather than happening after the fact. :)

Does anyone have a preference on the date?

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James: Wicked Guitarist

Zoe: Other Wicked Guitarist (or bass?)

One could play lead guitar while the other plays rhythm guitar. Hellion would probably play lead, since he's got 6 ranks over Zephyr when he turns on The Charm (I knew I should've bought it up to +15 instead of +10!).

A title for this thread could be "Juke Box Heroes." 8-)

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