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Late Night Soar [IC]


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In an above average income neighborhood, a house stands tall with a white picket fence surrounding its well-kept yard. The lights are out in the house. It seems the owners are out this evening.

Off past some bushes that are adjacent to the side of the house, a slim teenager stands up against a window doing something. After a couple of minutes of work, the attractive girl slides open the window. Just as a silver-winged superheroine happens to be flying over, the girl in a belly-shirt starts to crawl through it. Her legs stick out the window and her butt wiggles as she pulls herself inside. It clearly looks suspicious.

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Burglars generally weren't amongst the criminals Mongrel usually dealt with, but that wasn't to say she was going to let this opportunity pass by. Besides, that looked rather good. The winged one wheels around and downwards coming up behind the prospective thief.

"I seriously doubt you've simply dropped your keys."

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Stinger jerks as the voice back past her feet surprises her, but she continues on the rest of the way inside the window anyway. When she turns around, she is surprised to see a winged girl outside.

She says, "Mind your own business, Angel Girl." Thinking quickly, she shuts the window down to separate them and flips the window lock. She asks, "What now?" She smiles tauntingly.

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That's actually a good question. Can't just bash my way in; breakages are bad. Can't shift through the wall; not good enough to do that on the spot. Can't tele- maybe I can.

"Well," Mongrel begins, before a portal ten feet across with shimmering white borders opens up just below her into which she drops. And subsequently drops down inside the room behind the cat burglar girl. "this for starters." She concludes, smirking as the portal closes above her.

It worked! Great!

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Surprised when the winged girl drops into some sort of energy circle and suddenly falls from the ceiling right behind her, Stinger turns around and points at her. She exclaims, "How’d you do that?! You can fly and teleport?! That’s so not fair!"

She regains her composure and brings her hands up to defend herself. With her mouth hidden behind her hands, she asks, "So, we gonna thrown down now or what?"

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"Well, we could throw down in a moment if you're set on that." Alex tilts her head to the side while looking into Stinger's eyes. "Personally I'd feel a little bad about messing up a girl as cute as you, though probably not as bad as I'd feel about just letting you go ahead unopposed. So why don't we talk it over a little first, and if must fight we could do it outside were there won't be so much collateral."

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Stinger remarks, "What I’m set on is getting some money tonightâ€â€one way or the other." She keeps her fists up and comments, "You seem pretty confident you’d win. You have some tricks, I’ll grant you that, but you look like a feather weight to me." She can’t help but to smirk behind her fists at her jest.

As she slowly moves around the girl, she says, "I’m generally not much into talking; I’m more of an action girl. But I am cute. Thanks for noticing." She smiles behind her fists.

She says, "I’m not worried about collateral damage, but you should be. Reminds me of the other day when I got my butt kicked. I was working on a car. If that stubborn hero boy would have just let me take the car in the first place, it would have been just a single car stolenâ€â€no big deal. They probably had insurance anyway. Instead several cars were destroyed and lots of other things got messed-up too. So I’m sure the fine folks that make this their home would prefer loosing a few dollars over having their place trashed."

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