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June Song Vignette: Vestige

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note: This is sung to the tune of Iced Earth's "Ghosts of Freedom"

Lonely Point, the most isolated point of land in Freedom City, is deserted this afternoon but not for long.

A door appears from nowhere as The Vestige enters this reality from dimensions unknown. He is suddenly taken with a mixture of grief and rage as he is suddenly hit by The Maestro's melody.

He breaks off into song with a deep, melodic voice laced with anger and grief.

"Every time I think about it.

It tears me up inside.

I cursed the day the news had reached me.

My homeland died.

Now I'm always searching.

Searching for anything that remains.

But they are always with me

By my side, they're my guiding light."

As The Forgotten One sings, spirits of comrades long dead appear and begin to surround him.

"Here they stand right in front of me.

Here I am in the midst of my peers.

I will fight, in honor of their dreams.

I'm the last

Living one it seems.

Every time I go to sleep

I see you all, my heart does weep.

It doesn't matter, it doesn't numb the pain.

You see I watch all these fighting men.

They sicken me yet again.

They're just pretenders, to all of our dreams.

Here I stand on a great divide.

I'll decide. Should they live? Should they die?

Here's my choice! I condemn them to death!

Let them have one last final breath.

Now tis' the eve

And I feel the tide.

The time has come for all to die.

Soon another

New age will dawn.

The time has come.

The plans are set.

I enter now with no regrets.

I will make the whole world

Fall on their knees!!!

Here they are watching all my deeds.

Ev'ry act, a testament to our dreams.

Now it's time, let my vengeance be true..

Soon they'll be

Dust beneath my heels."

These ghosts try to respond and reason with him but he ignores them. As they speak, the waves crash below in time with their words as if the waves speak with them.

(Just leave them be...be with us now)

(Just leave them be...be with us now)

"To my fallen brothers!!!"

(Just leave them be...)

"You died while I was freed!!!"

(...be with us now)

"I cannot do that now!!!"

(Just leave them be...)

"They stain our mighty name!!!"

(...be with us now)

(Just leave them be...be with us now...)

Finally, The Vestige drops down on his knees and covers his face and mask with his hands as he begins to weep. He is alone with not even the ghosts of his fellow Atlanteans behind to comfort him.

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