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The Delicate Art of Thunder (open, ooc)

Lord Fell

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This is a thread for OOC comments pertaining to The Delicate Art of Thunder.

Initially, this thread will be between Thunderstanding and Pompadour's agent, as they discuss the possibility of Thunderstanding training her client, and then discuss other business opportunities.

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Edited my post to incorporate the proper layout.

I had it in my head that all dojos are on the second floor, either because climbing a flight of stairs helps discourage the idly curious, or because 2nd floor rents are cheaper... but this is a private residence, so that makes a difference.

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ah... we need a timeline for the start of this thread. In June, all the 'tell all' mags will have a rehash of Pompadour's career and interviews talking to him about being a reformed villain, etc. So... I'm thinking that this thread should start sometime in the last week of May, so it's reasonable that Thunder would be clueless.

I sort of have an idea that this thread will let Thunder become sort of like a Wildcat character, that has trained some of the greatest fighters in the DC universe.

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Probably the best place for me to put a "press release" about that thread is in THIS thread -it doesn't really belong in my news, or your news, or... and if Thunder just happens to be interviewed, and just happens to mention that she's thinking about opening her dojo to train Superhuman fighters, then we can open this thread to others.

I envision this as a thread for people to just 'drop in' and spar, RP, RP training... can be used to justify combat and combat feat upgrades.

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This thread should now be open to anyone.

Before jumping in, note that your character will need to jump a few hoops to get an appointment; beyond that point you'll need to negotiate then when/why/how with Sacerdos how your character will be involved in this thread.

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This is related to this post.

Dang, Erin and Thunder are really, really close, stats-wise. LOL

For expediency's sake, since Erin's unskilled Bluff roll can't equal Thunder's take 10 on Sense Motive (due to Skill Mastery), I'm just going to assume Thunder succeeds reasonably well on her Assessment when the time comes. Let me know if you'd rather roll it out for some reason.

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Hmmm... Dates are a good idea. Any preferences, Electra?

Oh, and have Erin make a Sense Motive roll v. a DC 25. It's no biggie, since Thunder's not trying to fool Erin's Uncanny Dodge ('cause she doesn't know about it), so Erin won't be surprised. But, it will affect how I describe Thunder's attack.

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