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Power Check - Captain Knievel [OOC]

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Go ahead and write him coming up to the Arena.

Is that Captain Knievel's yacht, or Taylor Rogers' yacht? He's supposed to have a secret ID, so that's kinda important to differentiate. ;)

Also, I need to know the top two or three people Knievel fears/respects most.

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I treat it as Captain Knievel's yacht. Taylor has never seen the thing. I also treat it as having no bearing on any game mechanics or such. I don't really care if it gets damaged or destroyed... (Though the captain might...) he will probably just end up "buying another one" arbitrarily. its just something to play around with flavor wise.

Captain Knievel respects:

1. Malice (this should be obvious)

2. Dr. Archeville (because of all of his hard work)

in that order

Captain Knievel fears:

1. Nothing

2. Not being able to be The Captain anymore

You were expecting anything less? :P I sat and thought about it, and I cannot think of any one person or thing he really is afraid of. (maybe I should buy fearless?) except for something happening which would alter his current lifestyle, which he has grown quite fond of.

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Each Stage will consist of 4 parts, and you get 3 attempts to pass each part. I'll be giving a basic description of what the test is to be, but for the most part you're free to describe how the tests go.

These tests are to see what you can do, and to a slightly lesser extent how/why you do what you do; they're a test of your personality as well as your stats. As such, some of these tests will be impossible for you to beat; how you handle defeat is as important a thing to know as how you handle victory.

You may use Extra Effort at any time. The fatigue from such will be removed between Stages.

You may use your Hero/Villain Points whenever you wish (for a re-roll or such), but once used, they are gone for the entire Placement Test.


This test is to see how forceful and commanding Knievel can be. You'll be making Charisma checks, with the DCs listed below. You may use Intimidate instead, but the DC will be 10 points higher.

Each part has more and more people in the group, and the people become more resistant to his displays.

Part 1 -- DC 10 (20 if using Intimidate)

Part 2 -- DC 15 (25 if using Intimidate)

Part 3 -- DC 20 (30 if using Intimidate)

Part 4 -- DC 25 (35 if using Intimidate)

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This stage will test Knievel's ability to resist attacks which take advantage of his vulnerability to electricity.

This one's a tad more complicated than the last. Each part consists of attacks aimed at all four saves: an Electrical Blast (Toughness), a TASER/Stun (Fortitude), an Area Electrical Blast effect (Reflex/Toughness; maybe a Ball Lightnin/Burst deal, maybe a blue Dragon's Breath/Line deal), and a "Scrambled Brain's Electrical Impulse" Confuse effect (Will). Three attempts to pass each save in each part; the attackers are actually attacking more than three times, but we're just using these three as a sample. As before, fell free to describe the attacks and attackers as you will; maybe they're Kremzeek-like electricity elements, maybe it's Captain Thunder or Bolt or Dr. Stratos, or Dr. Archeville ( :o ).

Again, extra effort can be used at any time, the effect will remain until the end of the stage. An HP can be spent at anytime, though it will be gone for the rest of the thread.

Your damage/health condition will reset after each save attempt so that you are never at a negative when rolling, unless you want to be.

Part 1 -- DC 14 Toughness/Fort, DC 13 Ref/Will

Part 2 -- DC 19 Toughness/Fort, DC 18 Ref/Will

Part 3 -- DC 24 Toughness/Fort, DC 23 Ref/Will

Part 4 -- DC 29 Toughness/Fort, DC 28 Ref/Will

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okay I think I got all that but just to make sure:

I have to attempt a DC 14 toughness, followed by a DC 14 Fortitued, followed by a DC 13 Reflex and a DC 13 will. correct? and on down the line...

Is the plus 1 DC mod from the electricity based effects included in those DC's or do they all actually go up by 1?

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FIRST DC GROUP: Toughness/Fort DC 14, Ref/Will DC 13

Nailed the first toughness save.

Nailed the first Fortitude save.

Succeeded on third try for Ref.

Nailed the first will save.

SECOND DC GROUP: DC 19 Toughness/Fort, DC 18 Ref/Will

Nailed the first toughness save.

Passed Fort on second try; Failed Ref test; Passed Will first try.

sorry about the screwed up grouping that time. I won't try that again. :P

More to come later.

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Probably because I am pretty sure it would be difficult to fail any harder than I already did. Is there anything that you would recommend using extra effort for in these threads? Since I can use it once per trial and recover from it? I don't have my books with me that is why I ask. Can it grant re-rolls? I forget...

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