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On Holy Ground (OOC)

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Finally got the first post up. Sorry for the delay. I'd like to try to get this finished quickly so that you can start playing the PL 10 version.

So making this a little easier than originally thought.

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Cameras: 16, fail

Wall: Auto-fail (best he can get is 25)

Weird Feeling: 21, blackjack ;)

The area surrounding the building must be holy ground. During his test with Legend, he felt the sting of holy attacks and this area was obviously warded against demonic intrusions.

Game effect, any attacks done within the confines of the walls are considered holy attacks. :)

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With Sammy pointing out the markings on the wall, Bel can make them out.

I need a Knowledge: Arcane Lore roll DC 20 [Normally DC 15 but due to the distance, +5 circumstance bonus] to figure out what the runes are for. Due to Belphegor's demonic nature, he can make the roll untrained.

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Sammy's moving to the wall. Sealth rolled a 1 but with his probability control, that makes it a seven. :)

Stealth check (1d20+13=14)

Without someone at the wall, getting to it is pretty easy for Ghost. Jos has a harded time. Stealth DC 10 to reach the blind spot mentioned by Ghost. Once there, he can reroll his knowledge roll on the Runes, DC 15.

For Ghost, he doesn'T get a roll for the runes. Just no knowledge of mystical powers. :(

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Stealth = 16

Untrained Knowledge = 17!

Reaching the wall, he gets a closer look at the runes and realizes that it is a ward against magical transportation.

It wards out intrusions based on magical means. For the two of us, that means no walking through walls for Ghost. :(

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Opposed Bluff check vs Sense Motive +2

Using Government Agent for the basic guards abilities found in the main book pg 227.

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Um, my idea was for us to walk up to the gate, pretend we're tourists who got lost from our tour group. :P

Oops! Well walking works just as well. I'll edit the post to show that. :oops:

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We each get one for the complication of holy ground and Ghost's inability to use his premate.

Bel used an HP to make his reroll so that leaves us with the below HP totals for the moment:

Belphegor 1

Ghost 2

DC 30 notice check for security measures beyond the path.

Ghost, With his Probabilty set, that five is raised to a 7 for a total of a 20. Still not enough.

Notice check DC 30 (1d20+13=18)

K.Art or appraise Dc 15 for the fountain.


K.Art DC 15 (1d20+5=10)

Passing of the roll reveals that the angels are actually angels of death. A very old version of them that had been used as the basis of the present day cupid.

We are basically a move action away from the door and the guard standing there. Due to his surprise at finding two people instead of one, the surprise round goes to us. :)

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Sorry for the delays. We're in. Jos is at the telephone and Sammy is on his way to the john. The guard is between us, trying to keep a watchful eye on both of us.

Notice +6

Initiative time. this guy is a minion, by the way. using Government agent [p227 main book] for stats.

1)Ghost Init 2)Guard Init (1d20+1=8, 1d20+1=7)


Guard +3--+4--+2--(+4,+1,+6)---Pistol Toughness DC 18

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Jos' initiative is... 16.

So it looks like




Jos goes first. And since he gets to go before the Guard, he is considered flat-footed. ("At the start of a battle, before you have had a chance to act [specifically, before your first turn in the initiative order], you are flat-footed.")

So Guard's effective Defense is 12, and his Toughness is +1 (due to Defense Roll not being factored in when flat-footed).

Full round to change.

Extra Effort to surge to gain anther standard action.

Standard action to Power Attack (-5 attack, +5 damage) with Hellfire (so +2 to hit but effectively Blast 12, DC 27 save). (Why? B/c he's a showoff in combat ;) )

And he almost criticals! 21 to hit.

Guard cannot make the save. But he can be knocked back... 5,000 feet. Well, probably not that far.

Spend last HP to negate fatigue from Extra Effort.

Will post IC tomorrow. Er, later today.

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