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Power's that are more Hindrence than Boon


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Another question that I've been wondering.

When does a power become more of a drawback than an actual beneficial power? The best example i can think of at the moment is for example continues, Permanent, Area (bust) Mind reading, limited Emotions.

Now I can see how that power is a great help when it's controlled, but as a permanent area power, I'd think even the strongest of person's would quickly have enough of constantly being bombarded with every bodies emotions. granted there would be time's were it's handy. like when the super villain is acting all high and mighty but in reality is scared, and most likely bluffing. (Unless of coarse the villain know's the empath's power and Deliberately act's that way to fool them into a false sense of security.)

My point is should the player pay full cost for a power that is going to be more of a hindrance to the character?

(I wen't with emotion's because while reading surface thought's could get very annoying very quickly, it's much more beneficial, than just the emotion's of the target.)

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But in this case the flaw is negligible at best. Since the power has to be bought up to continue's, (which is a +2 for Mind reading, Concentration to Sustained to Continues) not to mention the +1 for the area, in the end it still end's up costing you for more for a flawed power, than it does for a working power.

So in the end the power end's up costing Base = 1 +2 (duration) - 1 (permanent) + 1 (area) = 3pp/rank

You could probably get Uncontrolled added on, but i'm not sure if that apply's to Continue's powers. but that only lower's it to 2pp/rank

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Very interesting. This is one of those places where mechanics and fluff go two different ways. Why would you buy this power? Because it's appropriate. But the game does not really appropriately reflect how much of a drain it is on the character. However, it might open up a few interesting opportunities as far as drawbacks go. Drawback for slowly going crazy from being bombarded by the minds of others? I think so! :)

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