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Stepping Up (OOC)


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just for kicks shall we say we are locked in a 50x50ft iron cage with a 20ft ceiling? we both start relatively at the center.

The Reaver - 1VP

i would roll my initiative but invisible castle seems to be down

public int init()


int init;

init = (math.rand()%10)+1;

return init;


compile that and add 1 to the result for my inititive bonus :P

just kidding.

EDIT: lets do this the real way

reaver init (1d20 1=4)

damn lol

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Initiative for Arena fight vs. Reaver (1d20=13)

I'm fine with the Arena set-up

And I'm assuming that I'm down to 1VP since this is a one-on-one PC duel. Having 3VP on top of my PL advantage might be too much, though if you allow it I'll count my ranks in Luck.

Anyway, seems I go first. I'll just go get posting.

Edit: Well, that's a DC 18 save for you to make after your Absorbtion does it's trick. And then there's the Healing coming in after that, urg. Seems I might need to start using Power Attack for the first time I can recall on these boards.

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okay so yea. with a +0 knockback mod, not only do i suffer damage (and healing) from your punch, but i also suffer it from being thrown against the arena wall. Thats two sources of physical damage both of which i should heal up pretty quickly.

Do i need to bother rolling the healing effects? i will more than likely pass, and i don't have the books on my right now to get the numbers for the actual rolls.

regardless of that, i failed your save by 6. this leaves me bruised and stunned, and while i will heal up the bruised condition, i believe i am still stunned.

your move.

@your previous post... if you want to willingly forgo your luck points, i won't stop you. god knows i need all the help i can get. :)

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also, a little unclear as to your DC block. ill just assume you have done the right math for your attacks (not that the toughness save i must make really matters much) but if your attack has a DC mod of 8 or less, then it does not affect me at all. if it has a DC mod of 9 or higher then i must save. (and am knocked back). I looked over you sheet and it looks like most of your attacks are either rank 10 or 12, so yea... this should be taken into account before power attack. just sayin, since you mentioned you were going to use it.

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I know my DC block is somewhat unclear and am currently working on it as part of a general clean-up of my sheet; it's been a year since he was posted and approved after all [alright, in two days time he'll have been approved for a year].

In any case I'll be noting the relevant save DCs in my roll notes from here on out during the fight. None of my attacks which would be affected by your Absorbtion has a rank less than 12,

Oh, and regarding the VP bit;

In a PvP thread (that is, a thread like the Arena or the Wreck Room), Luck does not add Hero Points to the starting total.

The only other time I've been involved in a duel thread I got to keep my rank of Luck, but then I was the one with four PLs worth of disadvantage.

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this is a nice little technicality that matthias caught me on. if i am KOed by the attack, and healed up, (which i assume i will be since i get two healing rolls and can't roll to resist the knockback of 13.... etc.) then i am not actually stunned afterwards.

move action stand up from prone, move action to cover the distance, and extra effort+VP to get a standard action for that attack. exceeds DEF by 4 which results in fort DC 18 and Toughness DC 25.

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I'm going to spend my own VP this round to negate Extra Effort Fatigue for the following;

AP the following off my Sorcerous Mastery [28 pp available]

Strike 12 [Alternative Save: Will [+1 Extra], Accurate [pf], Affects Insubstantial 2 [pf] [27pp spent]

I could be nastier and use my Black Blade, which upon hitting (an event basically guaranteed if VP is spent) you'd have a best possible outcome (right now) of failing your toughness save by 7, vs Incurable Energy damage.

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thank you for your merciful ways :)

i think you messed up the link for one of your saves. its the same for the fort save as it is for the toughness save. so i don't know what you actually rolled on the toughness save.

so what actually happens after that attack? regular knock back? if so i failed by 6. sending me back into the bars again...bruised and stunned...again...but ill heal up the bruised, and remain stunned.

your turn :)

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Non-Toughness effects don't inflict Knockback, unless you purchase the "Knockback (+1)" extra.

Alternate powers last until you stop maintaining them, or the end of the scene. However, since the Blade of Judgement is an instant effect, it disappears after one round of use.

EDIT: My bad. The AP lasts until you switch to another AP in that array, or the end of the encounter. Carry on...

EDIT 2: Electric Boogaloo: The book says "non-Damage effects" don't inflict Knockback without the extra. Doesn't seem to say one thing or the other when it comes to Alternate Save Damage effects.

Never should have opened my big mouth.

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I looked up Knockback in the rules, seems I could have willfully denied you any of it which I would have mentioned in regards to my last two attacks. I won't push for anything retroactive right now, but I'll keep it in mind for later.

Extra Effort once more (going to try and end this, and at some point that Drawback of yours has got to come into play)

Power Stunting up the following;

"Arctic Grasp"

Damage 12 [Accurate, Linked*]

-Enhanced Feat 1 [improved Grab] [Linked*] ((won't actually be used, just in there for effect))

-Snare 12 [Range], Linked*]

Oh, and no Knockback on this Attack.

And I'm now Fatigued [-1 On Attack & Defence, -2 On Str and Dex related checks]

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