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Request for help on a complex changling.


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I’m new here, and working on my first character for this site, so please be nice, as Im rather new at this.

My idea for my character is that she is a teenage girl who has come into possession of a artifact which allows her to tap into parallel universes and gain the abilities of her duplicates from those worlds for a period of time. I figure the best way to do this would be to take an alternate form as the starting power, and have the other forms as alternate powers. In order to keep this from being over powered, I was going to add the uncontrolled, unreliable and full action flaws, representing that A) the power is hard to use and doesn’t always work B) it takes time to activate and C) she has no control over which alternate version of herself she’ll become.

My question is this. Does this character seems to be usable idea on this site? I’d like to get a feel for my chances of approval before getting started so as to avoid difficulties later on. And to get some advise on how to actually go about making such a complex character. Thanks!

Possible Alternate forms include

-Elemental version (earth, fire, wind, water)

-Alternate size (big and small)

-Alternate evolutionary development (Primordial blob and hyper intelligent brain)

And possibly others (Open to suggestions)

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Welcome to the site. :) Please feel free to introduce yourself in the Secret Identities thread (link in my .sig)

Your basic idea (Alternate Form with APs for other Alts) sounds right, though Action should be a Drawback for Alternate Form, not a Flaw (since most chars with Alt Form only have one Alt Form, and once they change to it they stay in it until their need for it is over, so not being able to change as quickly isn't that much of a hindrance).

(There's a vaguely similar build in the Paragons book, a character who can take on aspects of assorted Mythical Archetypes. That was done with Alternate Form.)

I don't think the concept is too bad, as long as the number of Alts isn't excessive. 4 or 5 at the most, I'd say.

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