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A more Proper introduction(Arena)

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It was a next of vipers. That was about all Matthias knew of the place called the Arena. And he knew he hated that he was going there. But the darkest places are the ones in which the flame of righteousness burns brightest. And in a den of thieves, Matthias would burn most brightly of all. Of course, the criminal element had a history of ignoring his good news, but that was why Matthias had been gifted. To cut through egos, to get right to peoples very souls and offer them purification. By force if need be. Matthias pulls up to the dock and looks out at the supposedly abandoned derrick of the Arena. Tied to the rickety looking dock is a small motor boat. Matthias smiles, though any observer would assume it to be a leer and would likely wish to run away, and gets in the boat. He had been afraid he would have to row.

Minutes later Matthias, damp from the trip and looking more sour than usual, climbs the ladder to Arena. He acknowledges Legends greeting with a dismissive wave of his hand and looks around. It was a bit nicer than he had expected. Not that Matthias had really expected all that much from an oil derrick in the middle of the sea. But this was where they hung out, the lost sheep. At last their shepard had arrived.

"Lost souls of Freedom, do not fear my coming. For though I am the chosen one, and you the sinners, my words can save you. Repent, and join my path. Repent and be cleansed. For their are bigger plans for all of us. A higher power we all must serve. He is bigger than all of us, but we can still serve. And service will be rewarded, in this life and the next. Stand up and join in my crusade against the false idols of Freedom city. Help me to cast down the distractions and blasphemers. Put aside your thoughts of lust and greed, put aside thoughts of personal glory, for they are not important. Only He is important."

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the captain watched from afar. This man is almost as cocky as i am he thought That just ain't right.

With folded arms the captain watched as 'the savior' entered the ring. When he demanded that somebody challenge him, the captain immediately knew that i should fall upon him to take up the mantle.

Quit your bellyaching! the captain bellowed as he stepped forward into the ring. You wanna go? oh we'll go! And when i kick your ass, you'll take the express route offa this rig! The captain delivered his speech with the various hand gestures reminiscent of Randy Savage.

The captain folded his arms and waited for a response to his throwing down the gauntlet.

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Matthias looks over at the large, arrogant voiced man. Who was this who dared to call his message bellyaching?

"You dare to threaten the messenger with physical violence? Violence was not my intended course of action here today, but very well. Perhaps a display of my gifts will show you, and all others, that what I say is not only true, but of utmost righteousness."

Matthias puts all he has into a snarl, hoping to shock the loudmouth with a feral display. Without waiting to see what reaction he garners, Matthias runs forward and attempts to slam his shoulder into the large mans gut, but sails harmlessly past as the captain avoids him.

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WELL NOW! You must think you are pretty hot don't you! Mr. Jesus McHealpants! The captain folded his arms, obviously unimpressed with the competition. I am still gonna take you down! The captain pointed his perfectly proportioned right index finger at Matthias. But lets see how you handle this little diddy! The captain clenched his right fist, and slapped his left hand over his forearm.


A flash of light nearly blinded Matthias for a second as a beam of pure white-hot plasma energy came shooting towards him, searing the air as it flew.

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Matthias saw the energy coming and tried to dodge. For a moment it looks like his leap won't take him far enough, but he manages to throw himself flat at the last moment, catches him only by the back, rather than the full blast. The impact still hurls Matthias against the wall,once more knocking him for a loop. The wall itself bends under the impact, but the slight burn on Matthias back seems to instantly heal over.

"Do you see now how fruitless this all is? I can outlast you."

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The captain grumbled in frustration.... There HAS to be a way to actually hurt him... but i need more time to think! Enraged he called across the arena, Not if i keep hitting you, you can't!

IDEA! was all his brain had time to scream before it told his legs to take off. The captain took off in a dead sprint towards his opponent. at the last second, the captain dove to the ground, turned in mid air, and slid on his back in the dirt. He landed right beneath the legs of the Reeling Matthias. Pointing his arm straight upwards towards the sky and through Matthias he yelled, ADRENALINE CANNON...FIRE!

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After seeing a combination of Matthias' lights flicker out, and then being jostled back to his senses by the steel ceiling of the arena, the captains hopes fell. But then he noticed the dent that his laser put in the ceiling of the arena. and another idea flicked through his head.

Come on man, just give up! you know i am just gonna keep juicing you if you don't!

The captain laid in his current position, totally alright with his place in the world. He readied his cannon for another shot, but he had to aim first, and his opponent seemed to be moving...

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Matthias falls from the ceiling like a vengeful comet, shoulder turned, attempting to lay hands on the Capt. as he fell, but missing. The self styled holy man digs deep though, drawing on an inner strength to try again, and makes his grab. The Capt. can feel the energy of his body trying to leave him. Matthias then attempts to lock up with his adversary.

""Give up? What makes you think I would ever give up. I am the chose one. You are nothing."

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The captain roared in frustration as he got caught up in Matthias' grabbing hands. the captain wises up to Matthias' game when he begins to feel his strength fading from him. After screaming in pain, the captain begins to struggle against Matthias' grasp. But before he knows it matthias is holding the captain good and tight.

after a few moments of struggling, the captain makes another attempt at getting out of matthias' hold.

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After struggling for a few more seconds, the captain managed to throw his opponent off of himself. Get the hell off of me you philistine!

Growling again, the captain needed to put some more space between the two of them and decided to give his opponent another smack. even if it wouldn't end up hurting him very much. The captain landed another vicious punch in matthias' face.

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Matthias takes the punch on the chin, his head snapping to the side. He then turns back to reveala small electrical burn on his chin. Even as Knievel watches thisheal over, leaving Matthias with only an angry look in his eyes. Blood and anger begin to flood his face as he draws his knife from inside his robes.

"How dare you insult that which you don't understand! Call me a Philistine, when it is you who does not understand the works of the Lord, or the words of the messenger. Flee from this place, lest I be forced to take my wrath further!"

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HAH! the captain spat at his adversary, I don't need to understand...pulling his arm up into position to fire another blast of energy. I just need to KICK ASS! But then let his arm fall to his side without firing a shot.

You know what? **** THIS! This is obviously not going to work. We could do this dance all day long and neither one of us is gonna come out on top. So i say we make this fight a little more interesting. The Captain turned to the crowd and raised his hands and tried to pump them up. You want do see me win don't you?!


Well lets get a real challenge going on in here! Turning to Matthias he quietly said You love hitting them walls so much? be my guest! Then to the crowd he said Let get those walls electrified! And just for effect the captain flexed his muscles a few times.

Turning back to Matthias he said Soon as they set that up, i'll even let you have the first move. You okay with that, knife boy? Taking a defensive stance, and showing his pearly whites, the captain yelled, Bring it on, Kane! or are you Able? I forget. WHICH ONE DIES?! *SHEENSHEENSHEEN*

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Matthias snarls as he feels his anger continue to pump through his veins. His first reaction is to leap at Knieval, but even through the haze of anger he understands what the taller man intends to do to him. Matthias positions himself so that his back is facing the bar area of the Arena. If the Captain where to try and blast him now, he'd be blasting him into the drink section.

"You obviously don't know your biblical literature very well, or you would not have invoked such a doomed example. Do you recall what happened to Cain after he killed Abel? He was cursed. Doomed to wander the earth in freakish misery, alone, until judgment day. I'd say that will make a fitting punishment for you. Though if you want to really pull off being Cain, you'll need my knife!"

Matthias widens his strength and hurls the knife, but even his anger can't keep away the touch of fatigue. Knievalslaps the knife away harmlessly.

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I see what you did there. The captain notes when he sees matthias' shift in position. if i blast you now you will go straight into the booze. and i certainly do not want THAT.

The captain makes a move to circle his prey, diving, tucking, and rolling, he comes into a kneeling position on the side of Matthias.

I don't need your knife, and I don't need your ******* book. the captain spoke with a straight face as he delivered his own kind of judgment onto Matthias with his adrenaline cannon.

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Matthias is too tired, too angry and too slow to have any hope of getting out of the way of the blast. The beam catches him in the rib cage, and slams him backwards with a great woomph of air.

The beam continues to carry Matthias, slamming him into the newly electrified wall. The energy coursing through him renders Matthias knocked out, , but the slam against the wall floods him with power, and he manages to open his eyes again. The wall shudders slightly under the impact, but holds.


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Managing to get his opponent into a hold, the captain quickly spun him around in his arms and pulled him into a half nelson hold. From there the captain used his left hand pressed against the back of Matthias' head to pin him to the nearby wall, and the electricity coursing through it. Unfortunately, the metal in the captain's suit conducted the electricity so much that he felt some of it coursing through his body as he held Matthias down. Although the electricity rocks him more than he expected it would, The Captain is able to maintain the hold on Matthias just long enough to put the hurt on him with the electricity in the walls.

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The sudden feeling of cold water brought the two villains back to their senses. Standing over them, no bucket in sight, was the strangely dressed gentleman known as Legend, curator of the Arena. "A very fine match, Matthias, Captain Knievel. Perhaps there will be a need for a rematch at a later date. I eagerly await seeing it."

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