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Metro City Bank

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The doors to the bank flew open. Propelled by an explosion. A lone figure stood in the doorway.

Just take it all. We need it. We can use it. It will make us better! More powerful!

Fine... Just leave me alone... Jack said under his breath. He stalked into the bank lobby.

Empty the Vaults, now! Jack looked at one of the tellers. Don't make me open it myself!

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Mercy leapt from rooftop to rooftop. Just for a workout and not because her flying had been worse than usual this week... not that at all. Hearing the explosion she shifted course, spotting the broken doors of the bank and quickly concluded it was time to go to work.

Deciding to make an entrance, she dove from the roof of the building across the street, intending to float in a suitably terrifying manner. Unfortunately, the young heroine veered wide, slamming into(and through) one of the large panes of glass that made up the front wall of the building, rolling into the bank lobby while leaving behind a swath of broken plants, chairs, and knocked over people.

Standing up and dusting herself off she takes stock of the situation, letting out a loud "Holy crap a robot! Only on the east coast" as she spots Reaver. "I tell you what Tin man, if you give up now you'll only get in trouble for disturbing the peace and uh destruction of private property..." she trails off on that last bit, staring guiltily at her own trail of destruction.

"You are robbing this place right?" Marcy asks, sounding unsure.

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Hey, listen... Reaver turned his head as Heroine burst through the side of the building. I am not here because i want to be. But i am here all the same. You do NOT want to mess with me. Reaver cracked his neck and tried to ready himself for combat. But Heroine got the jump on him...

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Mercy took a look around, someone had to have hit an alarm or called the police by now and with her luck they'd probably yell about the window. "You're giving up without a fight?" she asked in confusion and disappointment, "I didn't think robots could get scared"

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Nothing to say, huh? Fine. Just don't get in my way. Reaver started towards the vault doors. Giving all of the bank employees 'the look' while he was at it.

Jack hoped that none of them would get in his way... he did not want to start any trouble. but he would if he had to. Like it or not, this was who he was now.

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Heroine's mighty fist makes contact with the side of Reaver's head. A sort of shock wave reverberatesthrough the Reaver suit. The Reaver himself does not move at all.

The suit seems to adapt to the attack, seemingly all of its own volition.

I am no robot. The reaver said, turning to his new-found-rival You would do well to remember that.

An energy blade suddenly materializes at the end of one of the reaver's arms. The Reaver makes a violent slashing movement at the heroine. But the attack comes up short.

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Shame you're so damn clumsy. You might have stood a chance otherwise.

Now is your chance! go and get her!

Jack let the suit take full control of this fight. It was his master, and he was the servent. He did only as it commanded, and it commanded that he strike!

The vicious blow dealt Heroine a grievious wound.

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As the fallen hero slid off the end of the laser swords, Jack turned to the teller once again.

Feels good, doesn't it?

The mask on the suit retracted, and jack had a crazy look in his eyes. It did feel good, he decided.

Open the vault doors! I will NOT be asking again!

The police eventually arrived on the scene... but they could do nothing to stop jack from walking out of there. the suit had already gone so far as to absorb a few bags of money and valuables into itself before jack walked out the front door. The machine guns the police had did nothing to his armor, and as it proceeded to gobble all of the bullets up, it spoke once again in Jack's head.

See how this works? I will protect you, and together we will do amazing things!

Jack like the way the suit sounded. It made him feel like he was the most important person on the planet. and he was sure that before long, he would be.

Using the energy gained from the bullets, Jack fired up the suits rocket boosters and flew off to the other end of the city and out of sight of the authorities.

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