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The End of the Universe

Moira Morley

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"Very quickly"? Getting to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy takes a little under a week at Space Travel 20 (Earth is about 26,700 LY from the center). But the nearest other galaxy (Andromeda) is about 100x that far away. And the known universe is about 35,000-40,000 times as far across as Andromeda is from the Milky Way; the edge of the observable universe is located about 46.5 billion light-years away. (Barring outside help, like wormholes, it takes Dark Star two years just to travel to the closest neighboring galaxy.)

And "end of the universe" means different thins to different theories. One theory is that it just loops around, so if you go in one direction long enough you eventually wind up back where you started.

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The reason I ask is that me and Cyroa are trying to set up an adventure. I suggested space adventure. Shaen noted that Dark Star could get to the end of the universe very quickly.

Shæn horrifically mis-calculated because, rather than refreshing himself on the Space Travel table, he assumed that it corresponded to the Flight table, where Flight 19-20 let's you get anywhere on Earth in a single move action. Shæn thought that Space Travel 20 could get you anywhere in the universe in a single move action. Shæn was wrong.

Now, Teleport at rank 20 can get you anywhere in the universe in a single round...

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