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Drunken Shenanigans (OOC)


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The captain is, in a word, awesome. in two words, awesome incarnate.

he is always popular with everybody, everything he says quickly becomes a meme, and everything he does is instantly the next best hobby, and whatever he wears becomes the next biggest fad.

good looking, popular, reckless, stupid, and never backs down. etc.

any other basic questions i can answer in specific?

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It is rumored that the captain was recently involved in an underground fighting ring. Not many hard details have been uncovered though. much what is known about these fights was simply rumor.

There was also a televised incident recently.

Moira, FYI (geez3r already knows this): but just in case you did not see, Captain Knievel is very LUCKY and begins play with 3 VPs

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I really need to start looking before I leap. I think I know where I'm going to go with this, but keep your posts going back and forth, I'll jump in when the time is right. I'll probably post something like "RESERVED" to let you know I'm about to muck things up. But for now, continue to go nuts.

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