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The Hades Gala (Vignette - May/July 2022)

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You found the golden envelope at your door after a hard day (or night) patrolling. Cautiously opening it you find an embossed card with a stylised pomegranate, the logo apparently of the Proserpina Foundation. On the card in a fine cursive script is just the following text


Hades Gala, 19:00 EEST (Eastern European Summer Time, around 12:00 EST) on 21st June 
2022, Necromanteion of Acheron, Mesopotamos, Greece.


Also, in the envelope is a card for a rather exclusive local tailor that tends to specialise in a superhero clientele.

For decades there have been rumours of an exclusive party held in various places around the world on the Summer Equinox. This year the guests are a selected superheroes of various stripes, personally invited by none other than the Lady Persephone and the (reformed) Lord Hades rulers of the Greek underworld.


In honour of this year’s upcoming X-men’s Hellfire Gala, we’re going to have our own little gathering of superheroes (and maybe less heroic Greek superbeings). We’re going to do the gala in two parts:


1) From May we’ll have a vignette where you have a chance to try on, and describe the variation of your costume designed especially for the Gala. This can either be the standard 1,000-2,000 words or an image or any mix of the two.


Tailored Fit (May/June Vignette)


2) from June there will be an open threads where your heroes can interact with each other as well as certain famous NPCs with permission. You can also spin-off to other threads or vignettes if some heroes want a more private meeting.


The threads are now open:


The Hades Gala, departure (Freedom City)

The Hades Gala, arrival (Greece)

The Hades Gala


Also if you wish to cover something that won't quite work in the threads, meeting with NPCs or quiet moments between characters, can be handled as a vignette to be posted here. Be aware bot vignettes will only stay open until July, whilst the threads will stay open as long as people want to keep posting there.


Each vignette should be at least one page (~500 words) in length; if posted in your thread counts at the end of the month, it is worth 1pp for the associated character. An especially long vignette, 1000 words or more, may be worth up to 2pp. 

Multiple players can collaborate on a single vignette - we recommend Google Docs for this, it's very useful - but the vignette should be about one page per participating player.)

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