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Drawback Question


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I'm sure I'm going to have more, so I'm starting a new one after taking Heridfel's advice on the communication link.

One of the components to my Gestalt character is a 12 year old boy. I'm giving him the same drawback as the kid in the back of the MnM book, Disability (–1 Toughness, uncommon, minor).

I was also thinking of giving him a second draw back to interaction skills (-2 to interaction skills with adults and they take twice as long as normal). I'm calling it a 2 point drawback - 1 step of the Action drawback coupled with a common/minor level. Basically, its getting adults to listen and believe what he's saying. Most adult tend to tune out a 12 year old kid, especially when they are going a mile a minute about the pending alien invasion - even if aliens weren't uncommon.

Thoughts on this?

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If you guys don't mind a few extra question threads. :D

The effect would be near the same but not carry what I'm trying to show with him being a kid, because he is actually fairly charming, I'm just trying to accurately show how he has to try and be a hero but only 12 so he gets the additional :roll: from adults because of his age, not his experiences.

If it's inappropriate/unbalancing I have no problem not using it. Just was looking for a little flavor that I can roll play rather than hardwire into the character.


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