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  1. Yup, Slamdance won't resist. Doc, I know I've been absent but I'm not sure if I messed up my profile. I got a flag for the IC thread but not the OC thread. I'm still interested in the other thread but I'll probably only be able to post on the weekends because we had to let go of my assistant recently and work has been a bear. Anyways, will make one last in IC.
  2. By the powers of Copy and Paste, thy path is before you unless my Internet Fu is weak.
  3. I'm glad I popped in... for some reason, I don't think I'm getting the email notifications... Will read up on what I've been missing.
  4. Sorry. No, the one at the bottom of the first page.
  5. I'd like to move forward. I don't know if there are any outstanding issues with the build.
  6. Sandro stood, surveying the situation. 'Well, I was just about as useful as a third elbow. I should wait and see if Avenger or Scarab say anything but we shouldn't talk about it in front of these two.' He stood, keeping an eye on Shark. 'Hitting that guy' he thought to himself 'was worse than hitting a brick wall. I need to get better at this if I'm going to make a difference.' He looked up at his allies, trying not to look flustered as he asked "What do we do with these guys, now? Something big is going on but I doubt these two... three were the heavies."
  7. Sorry, had a wedding this weekend and hadn't had a chance to catch up. Will post up shortly.
  8. I'm waiting for Scarab, next up in initiative. Just to be clear, I'm bruised but no long stunned, correct?
  9. Thanks AA, but I believe I burned my last one going from absolute failure to just fail on the save.
  10. I'm stunned and can't do anything this round... do I need to post up in the IC?
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