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Tweaks to Grimalkin

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large.024yd.jpg.6b967fb85728a84360491af0d7d62ea2.jpg                large.grimpic-2.jpg.0f03233b86f102433586bea0bbd8e46f.jpg


Player Name: Heritage

Character Name: Grimalkin
Power Level: 10/15 (250/250PP) [288]
Tradeoffs: +2 Defense/-2 Toughness, +2 Attack/-2 Damage
Unspent PP: 0

In Brief:
Shapeshifting faerie with a human soul

Alternate Identity: Lynn Epstein
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Atlantic City, NJ
Occupation: Bookstore owner
Affiliations: Former member of the Knights of Freedom and the Interceptors, currently freelance. Former partner of the Shrike.
Family: Elaine Epstein (mother, deceased), Harold 'Butch' Epstein (father), Benjamin Epstein (brother), Edna Epstein (sister). William 'Colt' Reynolds (husband, deceased), Zachary Reynolds (son), Ruth Reynolds (daughter), Jonathon Reynolds (son)


DOB: June 17, 1988
Apparent Age: As Lynn, early thirties; as Grim, late teens
Actual Age: Over 100
Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 122 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown; shoulder-length and curly as Lynn, short and spiky as Grimalkin

Lynn is a lovely young woman who typically wears comfortable jeans, T-shirts, hiking boots and a denim or suede jacket by day, but is wrapped in skintight leather of black and midnight blue, complete with domino mask, when she prowls the dirty streets at night. Her ears are (normally) pointed and tapered; as Grimalkin, they are clearly visible, but 'Lynn' keeps the tips discretely hidden under her hair, though she can always alter them in a pinch.

A young runaway from Atlantic City, Lynn Epstein turned to a life of panhandling and petty crime to survive; one day it became too much, and she crawled into a dark alley on a chill winter night to die, but instead awoke the next day transformed! For many months she used her powers selfishly, living the high life and swindling 'suckers', until one night she saw a young streetwalker attacked; the FCPD's profound indifference to the crime appalled her, and she swore that night to use her powers to help those the Powers That Be would not help. For several years, she was a member of the West End-based superhero team known as the Interceptors, along with Dynamo, Fulcrum, Jack of All Blades and William 'Colt' Reynolds. She eventually married Reynolds in 2011, and retired from active crime-fighting, and had not been seen in Freedom City since.

Upon her return in 2014, Lynn reopened Silberman's Books, the store she inherited from her grandfather on her twenty-second birthday; the building had been shuttered since she and Colt where married in it 2011. Lynn currently occupies the apartment above the shop. She revealed to her friends that time moved differently on Colt's world, where she'd been for the last three years, and she's now over one hundred, having raised a family with her husband, who has since died at age 99 back in his home dimension.


Lynn recently ended her relationship with Gretchen McDaniels, her former sidekick the Shrike, who relocated to the Emerald Cities, though she hopes one day they can try again to make it work. In addition, due to a traumatic event in the summer of 2018, she lost access to some of her previous powers, which will take some getting used to after all these years. Her mother died of ovarian cancer in September 2020, and her father is currently living with her.

Personality & Motivation: 
Being that she's a shapeshifter, it's perhaps not surprising that Lynn is rather hard to pin down; she lives very much in the 'now', making few great plans and doing her best not to dwell on the past, even though she still misses Colt terribly. Her emotions are intensely felt, and she can switch from playful to angry to sad almost in the same sentence. Lynn also finds comfort in the little things, everyday wonders like bike rides in the park and lazy afternoons spent lying in the grass; she never seems to have enough of the simple pleasures, which makes her cherish them all the more. Since becoming a mother and having to leave her family behind on another world, she has taken a very motherly attitude towards her friends and coworkers.

As a crimefighter, Grim is driven by many things: the desire to see a wasted life blossom once more, an end to cruelty, injustice and indifference, and a strong personal desire to constantly improve her technique. She likes teaming up with other heroes to see how she measures up and maybe pinch a trick or two, but she is frequently very self-critical of her own performance, to the point of downplaying her many successes. Like a trickster goddess with a vengeful streak, her personal brand of justice might seem somewhat capricious, but she would never willfully take a human life in the pursuit of the law.

Powers & Tactics:
Grimalkin's powers come from her faerie nature; some of them are innate, such as her keen senses and high tolerance to cold, but many of them come from her ability to manipulate glamour, the very essence of the fey. Seeing as her body is now wholly composed of glamour, she can alter it in a number of ways, such as completely changing her appearance, making herself nearly undetectable, or eluding capture. She can also create various objects seemingly out of thin air (actually her own glamour), which she uses as props, furniture or just her own amusement.

In combat, Grim prefers to use stealth to take better advantage of her claws; when forced into a 'fair fight', she uses her wits and charm to befuddle her foes to level the playing field. She has also learned how to use glamoured objects to capture or obstruct her opponents. She has also recently discovered how to adjust the density of her glamour to pass through small cracks, avoid certain types of damage and even fly, albeit slowly.

Enmity of the Fey: As a fey with a human soul, and thus the capacity for genuine creativity, Grim is resented by most faerie creatures, and sometimes even considered an abomination.
Momma Bear: Grim is very protective of those she cares about, especially friends, family and the staff of her bookstore.
Prejudice (The Rich): Due to her lower middle class upbringing, Grim frequently has a hard time sympathizing with the well-to-do.
Secret Identity: Though she doesn't go to the lengths some heroes go to protect it, Grim does try to keep the two sides of her life from intersecting. Sometimes it even works.
Yente: Grim is in fact a Jewish grandmother, and sometimes cannot help herself from meddling in people's lives, i.e. trying to patch up relationships, acting as matchmaker, etc.

Abilities: 4 + 16 + 8 + 4 + 4 + 16 = 52PP
Strength: 14 (+2) (Heavy Load: 175 lbs.)
Dexterity: 26 (+8)
Constitution: 18 (+4)
Intelligence: 14 (+2)
Wisdom: 14 (+2)
Charisma: 26 (+8)

Combat: 24 + 8 = 32PP
Initiative: +12
Attack: +12 Ranged, +12 Melee
Grapple: +20
Defense: +12 (+4 Base, +8 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed
Knockback: -4

Saving Throws: 6 + 8 + 4 = 18PP
Toughness: +8 (+4 Con, +4 Defensive Roll)
Fortitude +10 (+4 Con, +6)
Reflex +12 (+8 Dex, +4)
Will +10 (+2 Wis, +8)

Skills: 160R = 40PP
Acrobatics 12 (+20)
Bluff 12 (+20)
Craft (Artistic) 8 (+10)
Craft (Structural) 8 (+10)
Diplomacy 7 (+15)
Disguise 2 (+10, +40 Morph)
Drive 2 (+10)
Gather Information 7 (+15)
Handle Animal 2 (+10)
Intimidate 2 (+10)
Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 8 (+10)
Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences) 3 (+5)
Knowledge (Civics) 3 (+5)
Knowledge (Pop Culture) 3 (+5)
Knowledge (Streetwise) 8 (+10)
Knowledge (Tactics) 3 (+5)
Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) 3 (+5)
Language 1 (Hebrew)
Medicine 3 (+5)
Notice 13 (+15)
Perform (Dance) 2 (+10)
Perform (Singing) 2 (+10)
Pilot 2 (+10)
Ride 2 (+10)
Search 13 (+15)
Sense Motive 3 (+5)
Sleight of Hand 7 (+15)
Stealth 12 (+20)
Survival 3 (+5)
Swim 4 (+5)

Feats: 33PP
Acrobatic Bluff
Benefit: Wealthy
Defensive Attack
Defensive Roll 3 (+6 Toughness)
Distract (Bluff)
Dodge Focus 8
Elusive Target
Equipment 4 (20EP)
Evasion 2
Fascinate (Bluff)
Grapple Finesse
Improved Initiative
Move-By Action
Power Attack
Takedown Attack 2
Uncanny Dodge (Auditory)

Equipment: 4PP = 15EP

Silberman's Books (PL10 HQ) [15EP]
Size: Small [0EP]
Toughness: +5 [0EP]
Features: [15EP]

Cover Facility (Bookstore)
Fire Prevention System
Living Space
Powers 5 (150PP, see below)
Security System 2 (DC 25)

Concealment 1 (ESP Effects, Extras: Area [General, Burst], Duration [Continuous], Feats: Progression [Area] 4 [100ft/rank = 100ft radius], Selective[9PP] (Magic Wards)

Dimensional Pocket 1 (Extras: Duration 3 [Continous, Lasting], Feats: Progression [Capacity] 1 [250 lbs.]) [6PP] (Magical Safe)

Features 1 (Temporal Inertia) [1PP]

Nullify 10 (Summon effects, Super-Movement [Dimensional Travel] effects, and Teleport effects of Any Descriptor, Extras: Action 3 [Reaction], Area [General, Burst], Duration 3 [Continuous], Selective, Flaws: Range [Touch], Feats: Progression [Area] 1 [10ft/rank = 150' radius]) [91PP] (Magic Wards)

Teleportation 8 (2000 miles/Continental, Extras: Duration 2 [Continous], Portal, Flaws: Anchor [Linked Mirror], Feats: Progression [Portal Size] 1 [10ft x 10ft]) [41PP] (Magic Mirror)

Rusty's Ranch (PL10 Training Area) [5EP]
Size: Medium [1EP]
Toughness: +10 [1EP]
Features: [3EP]
Combat Simulator
Security System 1 (DC 20)


Powers: 4 + 17 + 3 + 19 + 7 + 11 + 10 + 12 = 83PP
All powers carry the Magic, Dark Fae Lineage descriptors

Comprehend 2 (Languages 2 [speak Any, One At A Time, Understand All]) [4PP] (Dark Faerie Tongue)

Glamour Conjuration 8 (16PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 1) [17PP]

Base Power: Create Object 6 (6 cubes, Toughness +6, Lifting Strength 30 [Heavy Load: 1,600 lbs.], Extras: Duration [Continuous], Feats: Innate, Precise, Progression 2 [25ft cubes], Selective, Subtle, Drawbacks: Limited [Cannot Create Metal], Power Loss [Contact with Iron], Flaws: Feedback) [16PP]

Alternate Power: Insubstantial 2 (Gaseous Form, Extra: Linked [Flight], Feats: Selective, Subtle 2) [13PP]+ Flight 1 (10 mph; Extra: Linked [Insubstantial], Feats: Subtle 1) [3PP] (Dark Faerie Glamour) {16/16}


Dimensional Pocket 3 (Flaw: Limited [Storage only], 500 lbs.) [3PP] (Dark Faerie Vault)

Glamour Body 9 (18PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 1) [19PP]

Base Power: Morph 6 (Any Form, +30 Disguise, Extras: Continuous, Flaws: Limited [Cannot Mimic Metal]) [18PP]
Alternate Power: Concealment 10 (All Non-Tactile Senses, Flaws: Passive, Feats: Close Range, Selective) [12PP] (Dark Faerie Body)

Immunity 7 (Aging, Cold, Disease, Heat, Starvation and Thirst, All Suffocation) [7PP] (Dark Faerie Endurance)

Strike 6 (Extras: Penetrating [2] [DMG 8], Feats: Improved Critical 2 [18-20], Incurable, Mighty) [12PP] (Dark Faerie Claws)


Super-Movement 5 (Slow Fall, Sure-Footed 1, Trackless, Wall-Crawling 2) [10PP] (Dark Faerie Nimbleness)

Super-Senses 11 (Accurate Extended [100ft Notice Increments] Hearing, Accurate Acute Extended [100ft Notice Increments] Tracking [1/2 Speed] Smell, Darkvision, Danger Sense [Auditory]) [11PP] (Dark Faerie Senses)

Drawbacks: (-2) + (-6) = -8PP

Vulnerability (Iron, Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Moderate [+50% DC]) [-2PP]
Weakness (Iron, Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Moderate, -1 CON per minute [10 rounds]) [-6PP]

Abilities 52 + Combat 32 + Saving Throws 18 + Skills 40 + Feats 33 + Powers 83 - Drawbacks 8 = 250/250 Power Points

DC Block:


ATTACK          RANGE             SAVE                 EFFECT
Unarmed         Touch             DC17 Toughness       Damage (Physical)
Claws           Touch             DC23 Toughness       Damage (Physical)
Create Object   Ranged            DC16 Reflex          Trapped
Edited by Heritage
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The main change to Grim's build is eliminating her Duplication AP, swapping it out for Insubstantial. I was going to give her Insubstantial 4, bur considering that her former partner and lover has the same level, I'm considering switching to Insubstantial 2 and just have her assume a gaseous form.


Also made a few minor edits to her fluff, including listing her mother as deceased.



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