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Patriot Announcement

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July 4, 2021 

A Capitol Fourth


The President of the United States smiled his dazzling smile, eyes framed by his old-fashioned horn-rimmed glasses, voice warm and dry as he finished his speech. "She's worn a police officer's uniform at home, she's defended our nation overseas, and she's done things I never would have thought possible. And here she is; the one, the only, the all-new Patriot." 


"When my grandfather came to this country, he told my grandmother 'Now we are finally free.'" 


A quick montage of shots of ethnic neighborhoods that the Internet will soon identify as parts of Orange County, California, the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, San Diego, Doraville in Georgia, and Denver. 


Gradually the speaker comes into view, a muscular woman in silhouette as she says 


"When my father put on a uniform to protect this country from its enemies, he told me it was the happiest day in his life." 


The Patriot isn't particularly big or particularly small; she's a woman of average height and solid build, with a Eurasian cast to the features visible beneath her helmet. 


"When I volunteered to be the Patriot, they asked me if I wanted to have a secret identity. I told them that people shouldn't follow the person inside the costume. They should follow what it stands for. It's my job to live up to the legacy of the Patriot and make the symbol mean something." 


A quick montage of shots of the first Patriot in action alongside the Liberty League against the Ubersoldaten, and then fighting Communists after the war. 


"Being a Patriot should be about being willing to make sacrifices for others. To put yourself in the line of fire, even if everyone else thinks you're wrong, because someone has to be the one who takes the heat." 


The Patriot adjusts her jacket and pins an American flag pin on her lapel. "We live in a world of marvels, where caped crusaders fill our skies and our news. But we also live in a nation of freedom, where everyone's equal. Everyone." A rainbow pin goes on the lapel next to the American flag, followed by a yellow flag pin with three red stripes


"America has problems." As she speaks, there's a quick montage backing her words. "There's crime, there's racism, there's sexism, there are criminal metahumans in our streets. But if we're willing to work together, we can fix it together. There's an American Dream that goes beyond our differences and unites us. And we're going to make that dream a reality." 


The Patriot smiles. "Are you with me?" 

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