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Arrows In The Hands Of A Warrior (IC)

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Erin accepted the hugs awkwardly, the way she accepted most hugs, but patted Aarden on the shoulder and ruffled Teledar's hair and smiled down at the baby, who was already looking a lot more lively. She had been steadfastly ignoring the fact that there were people in the multiverse who thought of her and her friends as gods for a decade now, and that strategy seemed to work okay most of the time. (She much preferred her reputation in space, because being the Terror of Garron 9 was kind of cool and had actually made her some friends out there.) "You're welcome on Earth whenever time permits," she told the Furions, "and if you need me or my friends, usually contacting the Freedom League's whole, ah, multiversal communications thing will work. They know how to find us." She glanced at Steve, then at the other heroes, then back at the Furions. "If you want to stay for lunch, you're welcome," she offered. "We're going to get some food in here for Jill and Copycat anyway." 

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