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Sanctis in the Electronics Aisle.

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Sanctis moved up to the electronics superstore in Bayview, a quickness to his seeming steps and a look of some excitement on his face. This was his first foray, and from the stench of electronics in front of him, electronics he could senses more easily than a human could se the sun on a bright mid afternoon day.

To those in the parking lot and walking in and out of the other shops, he looked normal, or nearly so, except for a wavering on the edges of his form, or an odd shadow wisping on the ground behind him, instead of a solid one like everyone else had.

But in actuality, no one was paying attention. And Sanctis walked among them.

He strolled up to the doors his feet quickening and and smile, or maybe a snarl, appearing on his face, giving him a threatening visage, that some started to notice outside the doors. And the smarter ones decided to shop eslewhere today. But again, they were few. Too few.

Santic walked through the front doors, his lack of weight insufficient to trigger the mechanisms for the doors, so he walked through them, standing solid and ineffectual in his way.

A nearby security guard notice (1d20+4=5) absolutely nothing and so Sanctis flowed on by him, just one of the other shoppers, as far as the man knew.

An then Sanctis stood in the center of a crossroads of aisles and reached out for the minds around him, reaching into the cracks and weaknesses that his masters had put in the human race all those eons ago. Beneath the veneer of civilization, Sanctis was pleased to see that human's minds had not changed at all. Grasping, and possessive, and above all, easily led and controlled.

Sanctis smiled.

And lashed out. His power flowing into those cracks and snapping them wide open, and filling those minds with a single imperative, something they must do, that they could not deny the semi-immortal spirit in their midst.

And hands reached for the items on the shelves or in their own shopping carts, hands no longer under the control of the minds that had controlled them for so long.

Sanctis smiled broadly.

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Jack and Karen Webber had come to Freedom's Gadgets 'R Us store to find a new home theater system. They had been married for three years now and Jack had finally convinced his wife to let him buy the system. Together, they were on their way to the TV section when Sanctis' power washed over them.

Kevin Jackson, a lawyer for a new and up coming law firm, had come to the store to buy himself a replacement cell phone. The newest models had features that would only increase his effectiveness at work. He was in the Cell phone section when Sanctis' power overcame his will.

Sandra Billings, a single mother of three boys, came into the store with her sons to look at the newest gaming consoles for their Christmas present. She really couldn't afford it, but her boys had been doing well at school the past few months and she wasnted to show that money wasn't something they should worry about. Sandra and her three boys were caught within Sanctis' power as they headed to the game section.

As if on cue the 20 people that had been within range of Sanctis' power began to pull electronic devices to the ground, stomping on them in their mad rush to fullfill the single command playing in their heads, Destroy Tech.

Store clerks not affected by Sanctis' powered attempted to contain those destroying the store's merchandise. Announcements went over the speakers, alerting security to various locations around the store.

"We can't handle this! Call in for back up!" one guard yelled to a shocked sales clerk. The call went out and soon police were on their way.

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Aeron Gwynn frowned as he got off of the bus. He didn't want to come to Gadgets 'R Us but he had lost the bet with the other students at Claremont Academy and was forced to accompany the often disliked Lawrence Smalls.

"Tell me again why we're heading to an electronics story, Lawrence?" Aeron asked his portly comapnion.

Lawrence turned back slightly to look at Aeron with a look of weariness at having to explain things to the plant lover. "I told you already. I need some new parts for a design I've been working on. I can get what I need here far cheaper and quicker than any other way. Besides, I won the bet and you have to come with me. Now just come along so we can get this done with."

The two boys began moving towards the entrance when the doors opened and a rush of people ran out of the store screaming. From their vantage point, the two teen heros could see numerous people struggling with the security guards inside. Stopping one of the fleeing patrons, the two learn of the sudden craziness occuring within the super store.

Aeron's mood changed slightly at the sound of trouble beign present in the store. "Guess we get to go home after all, huh?"

Lawrence, however, was determined to stop the maddness. "No way! We're going in there and stopping those people before too much is detroyed." Aeron sighed in response but lead Lawrence behind a nearby tree for them to change into their powered selves.

In a moment, Aeron had donned his cape and the personna of Druid while Lawrence had attached his singularity belt to become Gravity Master.

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Sanctis smiled as he watched the people destroying their precious tech, smashing cell phones, and TV screens, as well as other destruction.

As he watches a pair of tough-looking young men smash a glass countertop, and start grabbing everything inside Sanctis does nothing to stop them, even as he realizes they are not under hs control, merely taking advantage of the situation,.

He reaches the back of the store and starts looking around while people destroy things all around him. He sees no need to do anything else now. He knows he could destroy the whole building, but he does not, not willing to kill so many people. He is not a monster, after all.

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The two young heros burst into the store and stood for a moment taking in the situation. Chaos was what greeted them.

People were stomping on merchandise while security tried to restrain them. Unfortunately, there just wasn't enough security to help stop all of the patrons that were destroy the devices at hand.

"What the heck is going on here?" Gravity Master said as he saw the people destroying the electronic devices.

Druid scanned the area and pointed out a few clerks that were also within the grasp of madness. "Look there. Clerks are also trying to destroy the items on the shelves. They must be under some kind of an effect."

Gravity Master looked over at a group of people wrecking the TVs. "I'll take the media section. You take the phone and cameras."

Gravity Master took off, flying over to the media section and activating his gravity control to weigh everyone in the area down. As the force of his power washed over the effected people, they dropped to the gorund, unable to move.

Druid frowned as Gravity Master ordered him about, but he knew that the situation called for some kind of teamwork. Druid moved over to the phone section and quickly reached into his pouch. As he brought out a handful of powder, Druid called on the power of the nature spirits to cause a clap of thunder to dazzle most in the section.

The loud clap of thunder was easily noticed by Sanctis whao was located at the back of the store in the computer section.

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Sanctis stood at the back and watches the two heroes try and stop the destruction. He smiles and then moves around the store, moving like a normal human [bluff +22 (Taking ten)] and getting into position to take both heroes with a single blast.

OOC: Meaning a mind-control blast, getting both of them in his cone of effect.

Druid continues working on the people in his area. The distraction lowers his ability to notice Sanctis moving towards him, but the young hero simply takes it for granted his normal condition.

Gravity Master, in a different location doesn't even see Sanctis.

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Sanctis moves closer to the catch both Druid and Gravity master in his area. Druid notes the movemnt but ignores him to deal with the other crazed people within the cell phone area. Once in position, Sanctis lowers his control on the other people in the store and lets loose his power upon both Druid and Gravity Master.

Quickly, Sanctis gives his command to destroy tech and it has an immediate reaction upon the heroes. Druid turns his attention from the people around him and begins to call lightning upon the displays.

Gravity Master has a different reaction. As he realizes that he wears technology, he begins beating at his gravity belt. He pummels upon the belt, unable to damage the device with just his hands.

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To be clear, a large number of people around them should be doing this also, as Sanctis's power is an area, and non-selective.

OOC: Everyone else in the place are minions. NPCs with no real power to change anything. I'm going to ignore them unless they are in a position to either be a problem for the heroes or the villians. With the heroes under Sanctis' power, the NPCs play no role in the situation.

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OOC: But they are still destroying things, right? They should be causing a large distraction and good cover for Sanctis in the store.

IC: Sanctis is pleased to see the two trying their best to destroy the tech around him, and enjoys watching the lightning, so similar to his own power, working on the machines around the young superpowered man.

But Sanctis does not do anything else, jsut enjoys feeling the sources of tech drop his supersenses, gloating a bit mroe as the next and the next and the next die.

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Sanctis enjoys the show and sees no need to do anything more. He gets right next to a wall that leads outside, ready to leave when his owrk here is done, as it strikes him as far better to leave this a mystery for now, and not show himself yet. Humans fear the unknown far more than the known.

And iwth that thought, he fades through the back wall and heading underground, flies at least 500 yards away before surfacing and going on his way.

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With Sanctis gone, those uder the effect of his mind control continue trashing every piece of technology in sight. Druid proves the most effective by destroying items in a very large area with his lightning. Gravity Master, spends his time trying to destroy his own belt but fails to even scratch it.

Just as suddenly as the urge to destory technology had started, it stops. People stand around in a daze, looking at the meaningless destruction. The two teens, realizing all of the damage that they caused, quickly leave the store, hoping that their presence could go unnoticed.

Later that night, the whole incident appeared on the news.

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