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We use the Core Rules and Ultimate Power. This isn't like D&D, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, or whatever else. What the game can do is pretty clearly outlined in those two books plus a bit of Mastermind's Manual. With that said, if you've got an interesting feat the least we can do is take a look at it.

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There's a tiny smattering of additional material we've incorporated from other 2E books, like The Book of Magic and Agents of Freedom. You can see a full list in each section of the house rules ("Feats", "Powers", etc.) of what we've allowed and the few things we've specifically disallowed. A fair amount of 3E has also trickled into our house rules (we joke that we're really playing "edition 2.5"). So if there's something you want to use and you're not sure about it, ask.


If you haven't already, start by reading everything here:


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