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The Meta-Naut


Raya grinned at Moira, nodding. "I can think of a sleeping spot that can be arranged," she said. 


"Yeah. I think I'd love to give you the grand tour."


Just then, some police officers arrived, looking over the damage. Their uniforms were brighter in colour, and none of them seemed to be carrying guns. They chatted with the maitre d', and then, after he directed them to the two women, walked over to the two heroes.


"I understand we have you two to thank for busting these two," said the one on the right, a middle-aged woman. "I'm sure the chief would love to thank you in person."


Raya smirked. "Normally, I would love to, but tonight is date night and we really got to be going," she said, looking over to grin at Moira, before letting out a small giggle. "Anyway, it was nothing. Civic duty and all that. I trust we can go?"


The cops looked between each other. "Could we even really stop you if we said no?"


Raya giggled again. "No, not really. Thank you, officers," she said as she took Moira by the hand. From there, she lead the woman down to the parking garage, where they could head back to their own dimension.

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The talk was small as they waited, which wasn't all that long. She got closer to Raya, holding to her side and on her arm with pride. The rush of endorphins after being shot and knocking a giant beast man out carried out for a while. She was quite happy and wanted to be with Raya just that much longer.


The walk to the parking garage, however, was quiet. She was enamored with this whole situation for reasons she couldn't put her finger on. Maybe Raya was a keeper? Then again, that could have been the adrenaline running through her. When they got there, and before they went home, she stopped her. "Raya," she said looking up at her, "I'm glad you did this for me and what you're doing for me. But I can't help but wonder if I'm just taking and not giving enough." She looked into her eyes before giving her kiss on the cheek. And then they disappeared home.

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