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At Last

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The Harris Family Farm was not normally the kind of farm to rent out it’s barn and pasture for a wedding.  It was a working orchard after all, but for today no crews moved through the trees about the business of the farm.  Today, at long last, the youngest scion of the Harris family was finally to be wed and where better than the farm where he and his bride had spent many happy if too brief summers in their youth.


The old barn had been emptied of its equipment, fresh hay laid on the floor and rustic tables and chairs brought in and dressed in classic country chic.  Strings of looping LED lights coiled the pillars and rafters of the barn and the center was cleared with ahastily buts sturdily constructed plywood floor to serve for dancing in the midst of it all.

Under the old oak in the pasture stood an arch of multi hued roses that looked grown in place, it helped to have talented friends after all and one made all sorts of new acquaintances teaching in a school for the ‘gifted’ such as Nicholson.  Benches draped with gauzy linen were arrayed for the small group of friends and family in attendance.  


Mike stood nervously at the altar in a bespoke tuxedo that managed not to constrict his broad shoulders.  He pulled his glasses from his face and absently cleaned them just to keep his hands busy as he waited, tucking them in a pocket  with some trepidation instead of returning them to the bridge of his nose.  He didn’t need them of course and he knew fully from the chiding voice in the back of his mind his young bride wanted to see his eyes today.




A few weeks earlier Mike sat over his Saturday breakfast while he waited for Alex to come down from the room they shared going over his prepared speech in his head.  Doubtless unintentionally echoing it in her own mind despite his intent to do this verbally and face to face.  He looked up as she floated down the central column in her brightly colored dressing gown and smiled as he stood and pulled a seat for her.  


“Ah Alex?”  he nervously began, “I’ve been thinking … and uh well…” he broke off losing his train of thought and looking down to the table where he had cleverly tucked his notecards under his plate.  He hadn't had a chance to take advantage however before Alex let out a musical laugh, “Oh Mike, I agree of course!”  


She sprung up wrapping her arms around his neck to nuzzle his jaw catching his thoughts before he’d even had time to form words, “And yes a small ceremony at your Grandparents farm would be perfect.




The music started up the soft tones swelling as the first groomsman and bridesmaid began their march up the aisle. It wasn’t a large wedding party. Erin was Alex’s maid of honor and Mark was Mike’s best man. That made up the entire wedding party and there were only family and very close friends on the guest list. 


Alex didn’t wear white and she didn’t wear a veil. Her bright red curls were pinned up with barrettes that sparkled and caught the light, tossing off brilliant rainbows along the barn roof but none of those matched her smile. The sweetheart gown that Alex wore started at the neckline in a blushing pink but the skirts turned from deeper pinks and reds to the midnight of a sunset. It might have been a modern trend of dip-dying the hems into ombre but no one who knew Alex was surprised that she’d found a way to wear all the bright colors for her wedding. 


Alex beamed at Mike when she handed over her bouquet and slipped her small hands into his much larger ones. The words their officiant said were lovely but really didn’t matter. It was clear that the groom and bride communicated silently through their personal psychic rapport in addition to offering their vows when prompted. 


Alex’s smile was brilliant as Mike slipped the simple band on her slender finger. It had taken all of Alex’s considerable resources to find a material that was almost as hearty as Mike’s impervious skin but she’d managed with a little bit of help. The band she slipped on Mike’s finger was duller than gold but Alex was reasonably confident that it would survive the majority of Mike’s adventures without having to be replaced. 


The ceremony was both short and sweet before they were presented as Mr. and Mrs. Albright to their nearest and dearest. 

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