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Talon cannot fail to notice/keep track of Corona, but takes 10 on both the Notice and the Stealth thanks to his Skill Mastery, giving him a 23 and 25 respectively.


He's also preparing to attack the one she doesn't hit if Corona starts something up.

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Grunt's Toughness: 24 - I only really am rolling these in case one gets a 20, but I should probably stop, 'cause they're really not a threat to Corona.


Talon's taking ten on his attack, giving him an 18. 

Grunt 2's Toughness: 14


Grunt 3 tried a knock back on Corona, but with a measly unarmed damage of +1, he is laughably ineffective.

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So, to give a sense of how many goons there are: six ski-masked goons are knocking about, five of whom have SMGs. There are also a bunch of unarmed goons who don't know what's going on, and are liable to surrender when their armed counterparts are taken down.


Ski-Mask 1's Reflex vs. Dazzle: 20 - Dammit. At least he's the unarmed one.

Ski-Mask 2's Reflex vs. Dazzle: 9 - Mwahaha!

Ski-Mask 3's Reflex vs. Dazzle: 7

Ski-Mask 4's Reflex vs. Dazzle: 19 - Well, that's not especially good.

Ski-Mask 5's Reflex vs. Dazzle: 12

Ski-Mask 6's Reflex vs. Dazzle: 17


Ski-Mask 1's Attack vs. Ski-Mask 3: 7 - With a spectacular 1 for that particular bout of incompetence, I'm going to rule that he accidentally throws himself overboard.

Ski-Mask 4's Attack vs. Corona: 17 - By God, they're trying.

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