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Everyone's From Somewhere


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I'm looking for one Bedlam City based PC, for a single-encounter thread with Mister Strix and some NPCs.


I'm not looking for any out-of-towners on this one.


Please come up with some reason why your PC would happen to be in the Ash Street neighborhood at night. Strix is going to be investigating a series of murders targeting homeless people. You can be, too, or you can have some other agenda or issue.


It doesn't matter if your PC has already met Strix or not.


It's going to be a sort of prologue for another, slightly longer thread, which Strix will also be in. The same PC can in that one too, but they don't have to be.


PM me if you want in, or if you have questions. Don't post here.


I want at least one IC post every 3 days. If you go 3 days without posting, I'll skip you and move on.

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