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City of Lost Children


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Read everything before you do anything.


I'm going to run another supernatural-themed horror-ish thread set in Bedlam City, co-starring my own PC, Mister Strix.

There are currently 2 slots open for other PCs.

Since the thread will take place in Bedlam City, I cannot take any PCs with an effective combat Power Level higher than 10.

Investigative skills are good. Aptitudes for either magic or technology are good, each in their own way. The ability to power-stunt to adapt to the unexpected is good.


I'll leave recruitment open for at least a week, maybe two, so that everyone gets a chance to see it and make their bid if they want in (even the recent newbies, if they get their asses in gear).

I'll post in this thread again to announce when recruitment is closed.


When deciding on PCs, I will give preferential treatment to 1) People I'm friends with in Real Life, 2) People who are already busting their asses running threads and/or doing administrative work for the site, and 3) New players.


If you want to play, don't post in this thread. Send me a private message instead (here on the site, not on Discord). If you post in this thread, then I'll know that you didn't read this entire post, and I'll assume you would've just skimmed the posts in the actual thread, too. I'd prefer not to have to repeat myself more than is necessary. I'm not having people post replies here because I like my privacy and I care about yours, so I'd rather not advertise to the world who got picked to play and who got left on the bench.

Your message should include the following:

  • A link to your character's sheet.
  • A link to your character's Guidebook entry, if they have one.
  • Any part of your character (background, Complications, etc.) that you'd like to see get some spotlight or development, or any traits you'd like an opportunity to use. (No guarantees, but I'll try.)
  • If your character is not based in Bedlam City, then one or more possible reasons they could have for going there.
  • One or more "trap doors," in-character excuses for why your PC would have to suddenly drop everything and exit the story. The classic example is how Batman will drop everything if The Joker escapes from Arkham Asylum, and give top priority to his recapture.

Everyone who applies but who doesn't get picked will go on a private waiting list.


Here's some disclaimers, so that everyone knows what they're getting into:


If you apply to this thread, then you commit to a posting rate of once every 48 hours.

As soon as I announce that a player is up, they have 48 hours to make an in-character post.

If that player doesn't post inside their 48-hour deadline, then I will skip them and move on to the next player.

If I skip a player 3 times, then I will activate one of their trap doors and cut them from the thread. Then I will call up a player from the waitlist to take their spot.


Manage your expectations. I'll do the best I can to provide a decent quality thread, but if you sign up, do it knowing that I'm a middling GM (or player) at best. I'm not particularly creative (as you can see from my own PCs) or witty. If you sign up for one of my threads, you're not doing it because you expect your mind to be blown, but because so few people volunteer to GM anything that you'll take what you can get.


In case you don't know already, my tastes and my instincts lean grim, dark, and gross. I don't mess with sexual assault, and I wouldn't even if the site rules allowed it. Otherwise, I don't offer "content warnings," except to say that, if "content warnings" are an issue for you, then you probably shouldn't sign up for one of my Bedlam City threads.


I'm going to be using a villain loosely based on a template from one of the many, many published M&M books, with some tweaks of my own. The villain's stats will not be published on the forum in advance. You will be going in blind. That's not usually how it's done around here.

That having been said, as a personal rule, I try to avoid blind rolls, and I don't force people to use Extra Effort or spend Hero Points blindly. If it won't help, I'll let you know before you waste it. If you'd make a roll with Skill Mastery, then I'll tell you so you don't have to bother rolling.


It's common in RPGs for some players to get so attached to and emotionally invested in their PCs that they take any bad thing that happens to that PC or any failure on that PC's part as a personal insult or attack. If you're one of those people, then you shouldn't sign up for one of my threads.


There. Now you can't say I didn't warn you.


(Yes, I'm recycling a thread title from over a decade ago. I like the movie.)

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