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Greetings! I'm Grimalkin. Ask Me Anything. [OPEN]

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Somehow or other, Lynn had gotten through the holidays on her own. Yes, she had loving family and many friends, but the separation between herself and Gretchen was painfully acute. They exchanged gifts through the mirrors, hugged and even kissed (quick, bird-like pecks), but it was still stiff and awkward.


Anyways! As part of her attempt to move forward, she'd started taking a more active interest in her social media presence, which used to be more Gretch's department. This led to her curling up tonight in her big oversized leather chair in her office, a cup of chamomile tea and a sticky bun on her desk as she began to type on her computer keyboard.



Hey hey, one and all! It's Grimalkin here, the Mistress of Mystery herself. I am an extremely cool crimefighter operating in Freedom City and beyond, mostly focusing on supernatural-related crimes. I also loves books, movies and music and getting into mischief. Ask Me Anything!


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