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Strength of Arms (OOC)


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The typical etiquette is to allow each combatant to be introduced and make their greeting to the crowds.  Then the contest is expected to have begun.  So, both of you have had your chance to greet the crowd, so the battle has begun, though your both still quite a ways apart.  Might as well get initiative in now, though you can post an IC reaction if you like, you just won't be able to reach him in a single round.


We generally use Orokos as our "official" dice roller.

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Okay, Vannox gets a 14 on his initiative, so…




14 Vannox (unharmed)

8 General Giirok (unharmed, 3 HP)


So for his first round action, Vannox is just going to move forward slightly while starting to circle to one side and otherwise hold any remaining action.


So it is the General's turn, but Vannox is still too far away for him to close with in one round, even with his limited flight.

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Well, Stunning Attack just turns your normal melee attacks into an attack that can cause stun instead of damage, so that will not help.  Normally you would use Startle to make him lose his dodge bonus so he is easier to hit, but I will allow you to use it to prevent him from making a counterattack instead if you want.  You need to make an Intimidation check.

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Okay Syl, so this means that the General is bruised and dazed.  You have the option of spending a Hero Point to remove the daze so you can act this round, otherwise you will not get to act this round and Vannox will get to attack you again (though you do not suffer any penalties to defense).

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