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We Use Planes These Days

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Fall 2018


"Ah don't see what the big deal was anyway," said Judy, sitting at her desk and methodically brushing her hair, her back and shoulders tense. "Selene doesn't like you, um, that way - and Ah know you don't like girls at all! It was just a little joke." 


"Because I'm 26 years old," said Ashley, keeping her voice calm, level, and frank - and trying not to think about fighting with her actual sisters. "I'm a Secret Service agent pretending to be a teenager to keep you safe. If that ever comes out, there can't even be a _hint_ I was...I don't know, trying to shack up with any high school kids."


"But it doesn't matter!" protested Judy, turning her body and looking up at her bodyguard. "It was just a joke! You're not even gay!"  


"I know it was just a joke," said Ashley, quickly counting to ten inside her head. "That's why we're just talking like this. It's not appropriate for you to make jokes like that while we're here. My social life isn't part of my work, especially not around teenagers." 


"My social life is part of yours, though..." The First Daughter stared at her mirror, her face set - then Judy looked up at Ashley, frowning, and then relented. "All right. Ah just want you to know, Ah don't think you're gay. You told me how hard it was for you before you joined the Service, and Ah don't want you to think Ah'm judging you like that." 


Oh honey. The 'jokes' about what an athletic woman with short hair who didn't date much hadn't stopped when she'd become a Secret Service agent - _especially_ since everyone in her part of the agency knew she was the team freak. Being Asian helped a lot too, yeah. "...would it matter to you if I was?" she asked, the words coming out before she could quite stop them.

"Ah...well, no," said Judy, blushing in her cheeks. "Ah mean, you're my friend. We're just...roommates for now. It's not like we're...we're jumping in the showers together or anything." 


Ashley tried not to wrinkle her forehead as she considered what she was hearing. "...Well, all right. We just need to be careful." She pulled her chair up next to Judy's. "If it's a matter of you wanting to make embarrassing jokes about your jerk of a big sister, I suggest you mention the pink hair..." 

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