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Players Name: Golentan

Power Level: 10

Characters Name: Goo

Alternate Identity: None yet

Height: Varies

Weight: 150 lbs

Hair: Varies

Eyes: Varies

Description: Goo is a new (experimental) fire retardant gel: it grows by consuming carbon dioxide in response to virtually any form of energy or manipulation, eventually denaturing and reverting harmlessly to water and graphite. Due to a lab accident a small portion of it imprinted an extremely complex energy pattern and became self aware, and for all intents and purposes alive. It was flushed into the underbelly of the city, where it has spent the last 3 days growing. It is now emerging from the sewers, curious about the world it finds itself in.

History: The history of Goo is the History of Compound XJ3397661921. The compound is a memory gel, composed of an interesting and unique combination of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. The compound was initially discovered serving as insulation for a crashed spaceship of unknown origin, and tests proved it had a remarkable property. When exposed to carbon dioxide and heat, electricity, kinetic, or any other type of available energy it would bond the carbon dioxide onto it's polymers, resulting in growth. Safety tests were underway to see if it had any ill effects before releasing it to the public as a fire retardent, but fate had other plans in store. The nature of the accident can only be guessed (the best hypothesis is that the compound's energy capacity was overloaded, combusting it), but it left two scientists dead, blew all of the building's fuses, and destroyed the entirety of the stock of the compound. Or so investigators thought. A small portion of the gel had been flushed into the sewers, imprinted with an energy pattern that grew exponentially in complexity. It became self aware, and with the aid of a broken light-bulb still in a live circuit, it grew. Now, after many days in the sewers, its burgeoning mind is now longer content with merely feeding and surviving, it wants to explore and understand the strange world it finds itself in.


Str: 06 (-2)

Dex: 14 (+2)

Con: -- (--)

Int: 20 (+5)

Wis: 14 (+2)

Cha: 2 (-4)


Attack: +0

Defense: +0

Initiative: +2

Grapple: -2


Toughness: +0

Fortitude: --

Reflex: +6 (+5 dex, +1 save)

Will: +4 (+2 wis, +2 save)



Eidetic Memory


Immunity 30: Fortitude Saves (30 points)

Insubstantial 1 (5 points)

Morph 5: Any form of the same Mass (15 points)

Elongation 3: 25 feet (3 points)

Super Movement 1: Slithering (2 points)

Super Senses 1: Vision is radial (1 point)

Absorption 14: Extras: Both Types, Energy Storage, converted to healing (84 points)

Power Feats: Slow Fade x3 (20 minutes) (3 points)

Alternate Power= Boost (Growth)


Weakness (when no stored energy, cumulative -1 on all ability scores) (2 points)

Power Loss (absorption, when no carbon dioxide available) (1 point)

Disability (No language, representing through illiterate/mute) (5 points)

DC Block:

ATTACKS:                     SAVE DC:             DAMAGE TYPE:

(Name of Attack)          (Save DC/Type)       (Type of Damage: Bruise/Injury, or other)

Unarmed Strike 13/toughness Bruise

Boosted Growth 14-27/toughness Bruise

Costs: Abilities (06) + Combat (00) + Saves (03) + Skills (00) + Feats (01) + Powers (144) - Drawbacks (8) = 146 Total Cost

*edit: Changed Boost (Strength) to Boost (Growth)

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I want to point out that I'm saving some powerpoints to buy off the "no language" drawback after a couple sessions. I'm not actually giving up the points. I have a picture of how I view his powers developing if anyone is interested. Created with Hero Machine.

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Just a quick note from what I've seen so far: you bought no attack or defense. This will make it nearly impossible to hit anyone, and extremely easy for people to hit you. The defense is less of an issue, as you may well want to get hit with that high an absorption score, but the attack will be very annoying for you when you realize you're going to need to roll a 16 just to hit an average PL 6 character.

It's legal, but I wouldn't advise it.

Also, unless you're being constantly (or nearly constantly) exposed to damage according to your drawback, you're losing ability points. Am I reading that right? Once every 20 minutes, you need to "fill up"?

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You're correct about the damage, but the stored energy he has can sustain him. It's only when he's out of stored energy the drain to his abilities start. Since he has a capacity of 140 pts (2800 minutes, or about 2 days with slow fade) I see this as a weakness most noticeable in combat, where he's spending energy on a regular basis to improve his strength, and thus damage, or to do some healing on attacks he would be weak to.

On the subject of attack/defense, I've waffled a bit. I don't think I want to put points in defense, but maybe some attack specialization (unarmed strike) After all, he can see out of his extremities, it would make sense for them to sort of "home in." I didn't put it because I'm worried about running close to overbudget, but if you think it's a good idea, I will.

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Actually, NM, I've been crunching the numbers and there's no way for me to make the character work and grow fast enough and still be a reasonable threat in combat. I'm scrapping this character. Sorry for wasting your time, I'll be back with something better.

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