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  1. September 3rd, 2009 It was dark when the car pulled up outside the home of Mr. Wilson. The occupants were a couple of tough guys. "So, what's the score again?" asked the younger one. "We're just going to scare him a little tonight. Smash some stuff up, tell the jerk he should buy some more insurance," said the senior fellow. "I don't know. Zzounds Rizzky," Clicks the third. "Are you that much of a coward?" asked the second. "Dude, that wasn't me," says the first. "What if zomeone interferezz? I think I zhould juzzt take you guys home. Zafer." The car lurches, then lifts into the air. "Where do you wizh to be dropped? H*h*h*!" laughs the outsider, as the passengers look at each other in terror.
  2. Since their's been no posted interest, I'm going to fire this up as a Solo thread. Feel free to join in, just let me know, okay?
  3. Yes, people have pointed this out already. I just read down and counted 2 posts which seemed to have "Approved" and didn't see they were both by Geez3r. I'm leaving this here for now, cuz I'd still like to do this.
  4. Doh! With many many apoloagies. I'll delete that and wait.
  5. Yay, Hercules has been approved. I'd like to run something for him right away. Looking for heroes who'd like to see the mob taken down a peg or two and maybe can handle an escort mission for the squishies. Aptera Construction has been attracting some attention lately by a number of insurance salesmen. Last night, they tried to arrange for a small mishap to the tiny construction company, a technique that works best when there are no supers on the rolls. After talking to the victim, Hercules is looking for an opportunity to go in for a bust and is trying to request help. His only requests are that damages stay nonpermanent and that the "Insurance company" lays off his employees.
  6. Hey, just letting you know Hercules'll probably be popping in.
  7. Maybe we can say he has the power to make simple arithmetic fail? Since evidently I'm not the only one with this problem now. I think I'll add the extra point to strength. Editing it now.
  8. Hi, I'm back (as if anyone remembers me). I'd like to start with a fresh slate with a bit more experience under my belt now, and so submit to you: Hercules (as in the beetle, not the greek myth) as a new hero. I've tried to be a bit more careful with this guy, please let me know any problems you see up front before I start doing something I can't by RAW. I'm a bit worried because earlier I summed him to 150 exactly, and now I'm getting 149. So I'm not sure whether my arithmetic was off then or now. Players Name: golentan Power Level: 10 (150/156pp) Trade-Offs: -2 Attack for +2 Damage, -2 Defense for +2 Toughness Unspent PP: 6 Characters Name: Hercules Alternate Identity: Cole Aptera Height: 5'4" Weight: 180 lbs. Hair: none Eyes: black Description: Cole Aptera is a middle aged, bald man who is both short and overweight. Certainly not the typical super hero image. He has dark skin, and usually wears his work clothes, fairly standard construction site fair. He tends not to blink, and has a number of odd grooming habits, and despite his constant attempts to fit in just always seems somewhat off. History: Cole was an ordinary child, if anything a little below average. Respectable grades, a little bit on the heavy side, 2nd string lineman on the football team. A nondescript run in college left him prepared to take over the family construction company, which he managed passably for 14 years. Unfortunately, last year Cole was kidnapped off the street Dr Hanks (The Labyrinth, Foes of Freedom), working on a side project from DNAscent involving hybridization. Cole was to be a throwaway, a proof of concept to avoid spoiling "valuable" specimens. Following the proof of concept experiment, Hanks had Cole "disposed" of, but Cole escaped through the use of his fledgling powers. As the hybridization entrenched itself, Cole found himself growing more and more distant emotionally, and alienated many of those closest to him. On the other side, the abilities which once only appeared under extreme stress are beginning to come naturally. He constantly keeps up on the upper crust through gossip columns, and has connections to just about everybody who's nobody through his company. Personality & Motivation: Cole enjoys being exceptional, as much as his limited emotional response will allow. Flight is beyond anything he imagined, and the ability to lift massive objects comes in handy in construction jobs. Fearing his dehumanization, Cole has worked hard to continue acting normally while enjoying the benefits of superhumanity. Though compassion for strangers is now difficult, he acts as if it is easy in his role as a hero. His "secret identity" is known to many of his employees, whose help he enlisted in the construction of a base. Powers & Tactics: Cole's powers stem from an infusion of Grue and Hercules Beetle DNA. He is able to use a low level, empathic form of Grue telepathy on insects, and shift into a significantly stronger, tougher form somewhere between his own and that of a beetle. The transformation is particularly disturbing, and he prefers to rely on intimidating foes if he can stop them without using his strength. He uses insects to scout for him, and unorthodox movement and surprise to take out foes individually (preferably silently, through his chokehold). He also carries a taser, just in case. Stats: 10pp Str: 18 (+4) / 33 (+11) Dex: 6 (-2) Con: 14 (+2) / 24 (+7) Int: 10 (+0) Wis: 16 (+3) Cha: 6 (-2) Combat: 32pp Attack: +8 Grapple: +11/+24 Defense: +8 (+4 flat-footed) Knockback: -6 Initiative: -2 Saves: 15pp Toughness: +12 (+4/+7 Con, +5 other) Fortitude: +10 (+4/+7 Con, +3) Reflex: +4 (-2 Dex, +6) Will: +9 (+3 Wis, +6) Skills: 48r = 12pp Gather Information: 8 (+6) Handle Animal: 12 (+10) Intimidate 8 (+6) Knowledge Life Sciences 4 (+4) Profession 8 (+11) Survival 8 (+11) Feats: 20pp Animal Empathy Equipment x6 (underground lair [17 EPs] and taser [12 EPs]) Fearless Fearsome Presence x8 Chokehold Improved Trip Track Well informed Powers: 61pp Alternate Form 10 (Beetle Form: Mutation, Flaws: None; Extras: None; PFs: None) [50] Animal Control 5 (Telepathic, Extras: Sensory Link; Flaws: Limited (insects only); PF: Mental Link) [11] Drawbacks: 0pp DC Block: ATTACKS: SAVE DC: DAMAGE TYPE: Punch (26/toughness) (Bruise) Taser (15/Fortitude) (Stun) Costs: Abilities (10) + Combat (32) + Saves (15) + Skills (12) + Feats (20) + Powers (61) - Drawbacks (00) = 150/156 Total Cost
  9. Yeah, but my problem isn't with schooling. Sorry for not being here the past week. Unfortunately it looks like I'll be in enforced exile for a while. Please archive Neurologic, and if I don't make it back here again thanks for the fun times.
  10. I'd always like to get involved.
  11. Alright, could you disregard my post? I have to think some stuff over that affects my long-term plans for the character, and she would definitely NOT be stupid enough to pull this stunt if everybody would realize it was her. Especially since she's out of costume in her neighborhood of residence, and it could seriously jeapordize her secret identity.
  12. The problem with looking at the DnD scale from a pure numbers perspective, is that the scale isn't linear. I'm pretty sure one point of INT isn't supposed to equal 10 on the IQ scale, but is more representative of standard deviations away from the center, where 10.5 INT is equivalent to an IQ of 100, a 3 being the bottom limits of sentient intelligence (which may actually score lower on the AIQ than a dog with an INT of 2), and an open ended top. It says in M&M that 24 is the limit of ordinary human ability, which if I'm remembering right would place it at an AIQ of 210 (You may notice my use of the acronym AIQ and wonder what the A stands for. The Adjusted Intelligence Quotient is a scale that is used for measurement of both non-human intelligence, and is geared to not require language skills for completion of puzzles. Unfortunately, it is still biased to require fine manipulation for the higher puzzles, and as such dolphins only get about a 39. But they're still cute ) Still, IQ is quite flawed in many respects: I measure at about 140-145 when my handicaps aren't regarded, and I can run rings around one of my friends who claims to have scored a 160. By contrast, there is the matter of the physicist with the embarassingly low score of 123 (Wikipedia. That's not even top 5%): The Late Great Feynman. Shameless plug time: I'm trying to run Neurologic as an intelligent character, and have a psychological thriller mapped out for any who dare question her intellect and her ability to manipulate, deceive, and otherwise mentally loop-de-loop her opponents. See my thread: Who wants to play a game of Cat and Mouse?
  13. Sorry for the confusion. It is Neurologic doing this, and she's trying to put the painting near him, the bluff check is to try to get him to reach out and catch the painting. Is the source of telekinesis obvious? I thought the object moved (obvious) but the source wasn't, that's how I've been playing it and several posts I've made have relied on that fact. Nobody has commented, so I thought that was correct. As for the post, you'll notice it is in third person except for her internal thoughts (marked by asterisks before and after).
  14. *Why can't I have a quiet night out? I mean, I'm only a couple of blocks from home, and I still manage to run into a super? I just wanted to go out, have some good food, go to the gallery, maybe buy something.* She oohed and aahed with the sheep, watching the hero mug it up. Then she had a brilliant idea. *Let's make this boy's first days in Freedom interesting. Nothing like some mistaken identity issues to screw with someone.* She reached out with her thoughts, smashing outward the front glass, grabbed the most expensive painting (she had marked it's location earlier) and launched it at the hero at just the right speed to try to get him to catch it. *Let's see how he handles THAT!*
  15. So why do you think so many villains showed up, but so few heroes? Wouldn't you think the heroes would support one of their own, while the villains would fear and despise a potential opponent? Or is this a case of keep your friends close and your enemies closer?
  16. *Well, that was a little bit pointless,* thought Sara. *Though I liked how he presented it and I can see how it would make a person think. Still I would have preferred some weird theories, cool schematics, and analysis of powered individuals' abilities. Oh well, I guess there's no controlling genius.* An idea began forming in her head, an idea based on the nanoreplacement brain mentioned, but significantly different in function. *My god, I could become Immortal if I so chose, knowing what I know now. The Eternal Neurologic. What a pretty thought. I think I'll get started on that post-haste. Thank you very much, doctor. You have given me much to think on.*
  17. Wow, I have seniority on Veiled Malice by almost 8 and 1/2 millennia! Seriously, to think that there's nobody else who remembers the agricultural revolution, well, it makes me sad inside. On the plus, indoor plumbing making a comeback is great (I've missed it ever since the Romans fell) and toilet paper! Oh be still my heart. Oh yeah, and I guess there's radio and internet and junk. That's kind of cool. ;)
  18. Umm... I've run the puzzle by some of my friends, and they say it's too hard. So if anyone wants in on this without having to crack my messages, you can leave it up to your characters. Rolling intelligence/sense motive/knowledge(physical sciences seems closest, what with mathematics being in there) checks, asking for help from people like the Raven, whatever! Please... Anyone?
  19. Very interesting. Does this mean fox is going to strangle another production that I like/am interested in? First Futurama, then Firefly, now the Watchmen? At least they're branching out from the letter F.
  20. NeuroLogic's boredom has manifested in a truly deadly fashion. She seeks opponents worthy of her mettle, and will do anything to draw out those she feels are smart and powerful enough to challenge her. The following story appeared on last night's news: The letter left behind by the murderer was also posted on Channel 3's website, and reads:
  21. I don't know, it sort of gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. 8-) I don't think I'm going to watch this, though, looks too cartoony. And yes, I know it's a cartoon, but that has nothing to do with how they try to pull off the story.
  22. *Alright, that's probably enough. Anyone here who thinks they have a shot at finding me is going to be looking for me now, and it's no good taking too many risks. I'd better lower... Wait, he said lower the professor!* Sara thought. *Alright, let's take him at his word!* Sara proceeded to shoot the chair out from under the professor and catapult it backwards across the stage, smiling a little as the man tried furiously to keep his seat on the chair that was no longer under him. As he fell to the ground Sara shut off all her "Tele" functions, trying to become, for all intents, a normal human once again. She wrinkled her nose in paranoid discomfort, feeling blind without her awareness of the physical objects around her. *That's it until the reception, but then we'll see what's what.*
  23. Hoping she wasn't too late, Sara slipped into the room through the rearmost entrance and examined the crowd. She had been caught behind a traffic accident on the way from her apartment, and things had slowed to a crawl on the highway. Still, the so-and-so had cut her off, he should be glad she only blew out his tire. Sara anxiously scanned the crowd, looking for familiar faces. None. Good. Of course, even if someone she knew was here, they probably wouldn't recognize her. She had chosen to go for the local student look, wearing an HIT hoodie sweater with some blue jeans. Hopefully underdressed enough people would dismiss her out of hand, while still giving a feeling of belonging. And the hood would serve to cover up some of her features, the rest being plain enough that she could easily be mistaken for any one of hundreds of individuals. She counted out fifteen seconds to let people's minds wander from the late arrival and levitated the chair immediately to stage right of the podium, complete with occupant, 3 feet. Tonight would be fun, as well as educational.
  24. NeuroLogic will probably come, both for the chance to learn and the chance to be the good Doctor's personal poltergeist throughout the lecture. Be prepared.
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