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Sick Filth (Semi-Open)


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So, the main villain of the thread is a demon trafficking in healthy human beings making them in to parts for people who need fresh parts quick and using the chaff to make abominations. That's what I had. Not that the demon - something super high level for Corporis - would be a challenge for either Ouroboros or Sandman. He was just going to turn tail after his crew of demons and monsters had been dealt with, swearing enmity on the duo/group. Something they'd have to deal with later, seeing as they'd made connections.


Now the problem is, how would they nerf either character? Do you have a problem with that? I mean, Superman has a kryptonite, but still keeps fighting. But in RPGs, that's kinda bum. What say you?

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Sandman is pretty all or nothing.  If he has access to his dream powers he's a solid PL 12 with a fair number of options available to him.  If he doesn't he's a mild mannered Anesthesiologist.


Like I said Ouroboros is a PL 8 Dhampir if he loses access to his magic.  He has to speak and gesture to use it so it's not hard to take away but also not conducive to a first time team up if he can't talk or do stuff with his hands for some reason.


Looks like corporis powers are not magic descriptor so a fiat anti-magic field could probably let them both function not sure how not magic thier abilities are though just going off hte descriptors on the sheet




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She got the Blood Manipulation from being a vampire, but kept it due to Mastermind messing with her biology. So yeah, i guess it wouldn't magic now?


Thing is, with or without it, she's PL8. Without it, she has a sword. Not quite a weapon master, but she hits PL8 caps.

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