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A random Street in Emerald City


Cindy Dal: We've just witnessed Emerald Cities newest hero, dubbed Emerald Spider take down armed assailants live on KTBN. Let's see if we can get a few words with her. Hello, I'm Cindy Dal from KTBN can we have a few words for our viewers?


Emerald Spider: Sure always happy to talk to my fans, ask away Cindy


CD: Thank you, Emerald Spider, the obvious first question, where are you from?


ES: I'm an Emerald City girl born a breed, Southside obviously!


CD: (Laughs) What can you tell us about the person behind the mask?


ES: Well I can't tell you much, secret identity and all, but I have amazing ankles (laughs and points to legs).


CD: Yes I see, so I see you do those hand gestures when in action. Do they have any kind of significance? 


ES: Oh there to control my special abilities, this one, for example, I can use to entangle foes (web-like substance shot off just beside the camera). Ah sorry about that it only lasts about a minute, I'm sure you sound guy will be perfectly fine.


CD: He's perfectly fine! So moving on why do fight crime and task such risks every day?


ES: I was bought up to believe that if you could you helped people who couldn't help themselves.


CD: But your opponents don't think that way, is it worth putting yourself in physical harm against such foes?


ES: If I didn't think so I wouldn't put on the costume, not what I'd call comfortable day wear!


CD: You seem to be pretty comfortable to me.


ES: Was that a question? Doesn't matter I'll answer it anyhow. Being a hero is easy, it the day to day mundane stuff that difficult.


CD: It can't be easy striking a balance between the two?


ES: Luckily I have a very understanding boss, probably help that he doesn't know that I do this (laughs).


CD: Do you think they'd approve if they found out?


ES: Well with respect, I don't care what they think, I've more worries about how my family would feel. And I know they approve of what I do. Hello Grandma Spider! (waves at the camera)


CD: No Spider girl or boyfriend to call you own?


ES: (laughs) No not yet, but you never know!


CD: But you must be worried that if someone found out they could be at risk?


ES: Even I wouldn't want to risk the wrath of an angry Grandma (laughs), but yes that's why I cover my face when I do this.


CD: Do you not fear that it might happen someday though?


ES: I like to focus on more important fears, like spiders, don't tell anyone it'll ruin my reputation!


CD: Do you think it's worth the risks for such gain? Emerald City does have on of the lowest crime rates on the West Coast.


ES: I have a lot of respect for the ECPD and the hard work they do to keep this city safe. But sometimes they need a little help and that's where I come in. It's no place like Freedom City where a fight breaks out every couple of hours.


CD: So you feel you're helping this city?


ES: I'm doing my part to keep the city I love even safer, and isn't that what everyone wants?


CD: So what do you say to the claims that you presence bring Super Villians to our city?


ES: We've been lucky that so few villains have troubled our fair city through the years, but they would and have shown up whether I started helping out. Besides not every villain is so open in their activities.


CD: Care to tell us who?


ES: You know better than allow me to incriminate myself, but don't worry I doing my part there as well.


CD: Talking of Freedom City have you been inspired by any of the heroes there?


ES: When I was younger I was crazy into Lady Liberty, loved the show as well. I guess she's left an impact on me through the years.


15. CD: Would you want to follow in her footsteps? Join up with the Freedom League and help on the wider stage?


ES: Not saying I wouldn't be excited to get a call from them, but I don't think I'm quite ready for the big time yet.


16.CD: Not even ready to team up with the new heroes in Emerald City?


ES: Hey if that robot guy from across the river want to team up me can give me a call (make a call me gesture)


CD: Whats your opinion of Citizen they? Some have been upset at Freedom City important their heroes over to cause havoc in our city.

ES: More the merrier I say, and he seems to be okay.


19. CD: He has made controversial statements in the past, do you agree with his ideas?


ES: I don't agree with his ideas, but he's free to believe what he wishes. And no I won't talk about my personal beliefs.


(Sound of sirens in the distance.)


 ES: That's my cue, I got to go now.


(Raises a hand and with a complicated gesture shoots a twisted rope-like structure into the air)


CD: Thank you for you time Emerald Spider, anything you'd like to say before you go?


ES: Thank you Emerald City, I love you all and hope to around for some time. Be good everyone!


(Emerald Spider flies up into the air)


DS: Well there you have it the first interview with Emerald Spider. Now back to you in the studio...

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