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20 Questions: Claremont Entry Survey [Written] Of Ms Lexa Venn


1.       Where are you from?


Freedom City, US of A.


2.       How would you physically describe yourself?


Back in the day, I was your grubby little teenager tomboy. Right now, I’m a biomechanical cyborg with turbo powered jets. And my hair turned white. But, you know, it seems to hold in really cool styles with no frizz. So every cloud has a silver lining.


3.       Do you have any special physical needs?


I have no spleen. I mean, it was removed. So yes, I need to take regular antibiotics to prevent infection. I also need regular oiling.


4. What ambitions do you have?


I want a second chance. I know that’s a lot to ask. But I dropped out of school too early. I wish I had stayed.


5.       What do you think is your greatest strength?


Literally, my strength. Possibly my speed, but mainly my strength. Have you seen what I can bench press?


6.       What do you think is your greatest weakness?


I’ll be honest, I have a tendency to be impulsive, rush into things. Look before you leap. A big tendency.


7.       How would you describe your mental and emotional state?


I’m ok. Sort of. I’m still shook up about my accident, and it’s not easy to adjust. I miss my real arms, my real legs. But my new ones are pretty awesome.


8.       What is your greatest fear?

I still have nightmares about my limbs falling off.


9.       Do you consider yourself to have any areas of academic weakness?


I never really liked history. Boooorrriiiing!


10.   Do you consider yourself to have any academic strengths?


I’m ok at science. And I really know how to pull apart an engine and put it back together again.


11.   Do you have any religious or cultural needs?


Not really. Mom had my christened, but I never went to church.


12.   Do you have any extra-curricular activities or hobbies?


Driving. But I have no licence…so I won’t be doing that!


13.   Who do we contact in case of emergency?


My mom, Daisy Jenkins.


14.   Do you have any other family?


No. My dad is dead.


15.   Are your family aware of your particular gifts, and to what extent?


Yes. My mom was with me all the time they were examining me in hospital.


16.   What three subjects are you most interested in taking?


Engineering, Science, Media


17.   Do you have any criminal record?


I have been arrested for dangerous driving (without a licence) and car theft.


18.   Are there any potential risks from your special abilities?


I could be a fire hazard if I don’t cool my jets?


19.   How do you feel about the relationship between metahumans and society?


I don’t see metahumans as different from humans. They are still people, after all. I guess society gets worried though, like with anything that could be dangerous. Fear can lead to hate.


20.   Where would you like to be in five years time?

A superhero!

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