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Found 2 results

  1. Calais, France Thursday, 24th April 2013 00:00 It was far too late and she should have been back in the hotel, but she was excited about travelling tomorrow. She had a couple of drinks and was in a good mood; no one had bothered her about her strange clothes and had allowed her to drink in peace. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a flash of light and turning towards it she saw two women fighting in a alley both surrounded by glowing aura of light. Super here in Calais of all places! Against her better judgment she made her way over to see if she could in some way help. The younger of the two, a Moroccan girl barely out of her 20’s, had been knocked down to her knees as the other floated above her gloating. As she watched the young Moroccan girl looked up and she caught her eye. And she knew that the woman was Marianne, and least the part she was communicating with, and she was being attacked by someone called Gallia. And that this Marianne was in trouble and need somewhere to hide, not the woman she would be fine but the spirit. It didn’t take her a second for her decide and she agreed with a nod. And like that Marianne was inside her, and somehow she just knew things, but the one thing she knew she had to do was run. As she fled she had enough time to send a message of help, Marianne had sensed a familiar presence of an old friend, an impression of what just happened and one word of where they would be going...
  2. OOC for Rene and KIng of Suit goes to the alien of places... I'm assuming that on and off Rene has searching for Gallia. He was searching at tthe same time as the attack and got Marianne message including where she's going... Whitby. Off cause you're welcome to do the whole waking up and saying the word thing... KoS get's a CCTV of the attack from his friend's in Paris. You can't make out all of it, there's a lot of Lense Flare, but he can make out Gallia's features. He's also got footage following the woman, though none of them catch her face, until she board's for Chunnel train for England. So to summarize KoS know's she's going to England and Rene know's where in England she's going. I'm easy to how you get there, feel free to be creative.
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