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  1. "Gorillas," John said musing out loud as they walked to the door, "unfortunately those are animals that I have only seen in pictures." John tried going to the zoo once. It was like walking into a human prison. Sure the animals were kept well and were happy, but he couldn't stand seeing caged beings. It was like if Someone put a human in a cage, hence the prison metaphor. "And not even animal gorillas, human gorillas," he said excitedly, but remembering to keep his voice down in the hall, "It will be great to meet these gorillas." John smiled on the verge of a grin when Steve made mention his last night's escapades. "Yes, her name was Galatea. She was a very fine woman." He quirked an eyebrow, "So, how about you, my man? We have to get you out one day and find you at least one. I'm sure a woman would do you well."
  2. After a long day of attracting customers into Champions, John was content on enjoying a nice evening of fun. Doing so, he was all about the night's festivities. He met a few new people, hung out with some friends. All the while, he was hiding his true nature. He was not truely John Black of Earth, he was ΗÏων, a satyr from ancient Olympus. Through some complicated events, he ended up in modern times. He was set up in a nice apartment with a roommate by the name of Steve. Steve also had a secret identity he had to keep from the world. A secret kept by them both. And his cat. Archimedes was a nice enough cat, John and the cat would have conversations from time to time. Not very long ones. Cats, you know? He met a nice woman by the name of Galatea and ended up at her place. John couldn't really take her to his place. It was a place where heroes with identities stayed! By the morning he was home refreshed for the new day. But apparently Steve was up too! "Hey," John boomed joyously, "I'd love to go with you!" He quickly walked over to the kitchen area, petting Archimedes on the way. "How's it goin," he greeted the cat in passing. "Staring at the clock tick," it said uninterested in it's surrounding. John looked at the things on the counter then to Steve, "So, who are we going to meet today?"
  3. Doktor'd 9/6/2011 Hopefully fixed 9/6/2011 -Broseidon Problems detected; PMing Broseidon 9/5/2011 -Dok Add one more rank of Morph for Satyr and put knockback 2 on his strike for horns and hooves Shapeshifting 5.5 (11PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 1) [12PP] Base Power: Morph 3 (Any Humanoid, +15 Disguise, Extras: Duration [Continuous], Power Feats: Covers Scent, Precise) [11PP] (Shapeshifting) Alternate Power: [2 + 2 + 7 = 11PP] Leaping 2 (x5 [Running Long Jump: 80ft]) [2PP] + Speed 2 (25mph / 250ft per Move Action) [2PP] (Goat Legs) Strike 4 (Feats: Knockback 2, Mighty) [7PP] (Horns & Hooves) [b]Shapeshifting 5.5 ([/b]11PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 1[b])[/b] [12PP][array][u]Base Power[/u]: [b]Morph 3 ([/b]Any Humanoid, +15 Disguise, [i]Extras:[/i] Duration [Continuous], [i]Power Feats:[/i] Covers Scent, Precise[b])[/b] [11PP] (Shapeshifting) [u]Alternate Power[/u]: [2 + 2 + 7 = 11PP] [b]Leaping 2 ([/b]x5 [[i]Running Long Jump:[/i] 80ft][b])[/b] [2PP] + [b]Speed 2 ([/b]25mph / 250ft per Move Action[b])[/b] [2PP] (Goat Legs) [b]Strike 4 ([/b][i]Feats:[/i] Knockback 2, Mighty[b])[/b] [7PP] (Horns & Hooves)[/array] Problems detected; PMing Broseidon 9/5/2011 -Dok Hopefully fixed 9/6/2011 -Broseidon Doktor'd 9/6/2011
  4. As John pulled his pants back up the goat legs and tails disappeared and his feet grew turned back into human feet. He stepped into his shoes. "I understand, Murdock," John nodded, "No one will ever know who I am if they do not need to. No one will ever find out about you from me either!" He looked to Fleur de Joie with a smile, "Thank you again for your help, Fleur de Joie. Your hospitality rivals that of Hestia." He looked to Murdock with the same smile, "Of course, there are more beautiful sights to see out there," he pointed outward to the outside, "I am sure of it!"
  5. John noted the blandness of the apartment himself. The only really strong smell he could smell was Fleur de Joie hypnotizing aroma of floral and milk. He smiled when Murdock said he wasn't good for parties or socialization. "Don't worry, my friend," he said patting him on the back, "There's two ways this can go. Hopefully, I can teach you everything I know. On the other hand, if not, I will respect your privacy." Privacy, something they really didn't have back in his day. Someone was always taking notes on you when you least expected it, whether for good or ill. He took his hand back and crossed his arms when Murdock asked about his past. He nodded his head, "Yes, I am from another time, you might say. Mine was the day of what people now call Ancient Greece. Mount Olympus was my home." He shrugged with his shoulders, "Though I've been informed that mortals had a falling out of sorts with the residents of the mountain. But that's neither here nor there." He urged Murdock to close the door with nod towards it and stepped back, "As for my species, so to speak." Horns grew from his head and he stepped out of his shoes to reveal hooves. He dropped his pants to reveal a coat of goat fur over them and a short goat tail. "I am a Satyr. Born of Pan. Former servant to Dionysus. I've been told to hide my true nature to the normal mortals and all but close friends of the Freedom League." He looked to Fleur de Joir with a nod and smil and then back to Murdock. "Seeing as you shall be my barracks mate, I think it would be something you should know."
  6. "Things I require," John thought aloud with a smile as he crossed his arms, "Enchanting music. A full wineskin. People having fun." His mind wandered for a second before he snapped back to the quiet reality. "Sorry about that," he chuckled. As the baby fussed, he looked over to Fleur de Joie as he talked to the child, "Don't worry child, your mother is a fine helpful woman. Things will be alright when you're with her." When Murdock asked about another tour, John perked up, "A tour of this village and it's sights? That would be quite enlightening!" He looked over to Fleur de Joie, "Would you like to come?" He looked back to Murdock, "Would you mind if she came too?"
  7. Murdock's hand was something John was slightly confused about. No worries, he thought, yet. I could be over thinking it. There are many strange beings in this time. He smiled and nodded happily to Murdock's comment about his height. His race was made to be physically appealing to the standards of his day. Everyone liked the scholar for their minds, but the warriors is what they wanted to look at. Looking around the small apartment, he was impressed by the couch and the television. "Yes, the League of Freedom is quite generous," he said boisterously. He looked to Fleur with a smile and mellowed his voice, "And quite helpful." Looking to Murdock again, "I would like to get a look around. Though are we bound to our barracks until we are needed for work or duty?"
  8. "Truly I would like to see this in action one day," John said with a smile, "I'm sure the flowers are something to behold in arrangement." He'd never seen flowers grouped together for the purpose of just being arranged. The elevator was something to him too. It's not magic, he told himself, but how else do you explain how it works? He kept the goober comments to himself. He counted the doors on the way at the fourth one he too a deep breath and knocked. A handshake, he'd learned this. He reached out to Murdock and shook his hand firmly. "It id finally nice to meet you, Harrier. I am ΗÏων, but you may call me John Black, as that is the name they have given me here."
  9. John shrugged happily, "Well, I guess it's a living. Though yes, I'll be focusing on other duties!" The inside of the building was a new sight for him. Admiring the architecture took his mind elsewhere. Doors. He still had a fondness for those things. They could completely close off a room! Though he still had to keep his mind on his host. OK, say something impressive to her, compliment her. He smiled, "So, Fleur de Joie. What do you do for a living? I assume with your goddess-like abilities that you want for nothing." But don't make it look too obvious! "But then again, the Freedom League informed me that almost everyone has something to do when not mingling among others like themselves."
  10. These towers were way different from what ΗÏων saw back in his time. "Towers, huh," John stopped and looked up in awe. He nodded and then continued to follow Fleur, "Towers indeed. They didn't have them that high back in the old world." He saw her hair turn a different color in the sunlight. It was beautiful in it's own right, next to her. If it weren't for the meeting with Harrier (that, and the youngling still around), he'd be talking much more to her. He sighed and smiled crossing his hands across his chest. "Oh, let me get that for you," he said opening the door. It was one of those polite things to do now the Freedom League taught him. "I'm very excited, actually. It will give me interation with the people while earning money. They said I wouldn't be a salesman, but I still would use my 'vibrant attitude' to get customers. Do sign holders carry much weight in your society?"
  11. Broseidon

    Some help, please

    These are just some suggestions. Since you have 51 points to play with, I'd go with [*:1vsl9c65]Bumping your base defense to 8 and dropping dodge focus (4 points) [*:1vsl9c65]Getting Uncanny Dodge and at least 8 ranks of Notice (3 points) [*:1vsl9c65]Strike 7 (Feats: Mighty) (8 points) [*:1vsl9c65]Protection 12 -or- Protection 8 and Dodge Focus 4 (12 points) [*:1vsl9c65]Honestly, opinion-wise, I don't see the drawback as a drawback. More a complication. Believe me, you want HP during play more than points during character creation (3 points) Now if you do that exactly, you'll have 21 points to play with. If I were building this guy, I'd give it some of the following powers: [*:1vsl9c65]Leaping (you can bounce like a super ball ) [*:1vsl9c65]Immunity (falling damage) (again with the bouncing) [*:1vsl9c65]Elongation (you mentioned stretching in your powers, but didn't give him any stretching powers!) [*:1vsl9c65]Additional Limbs (works well with your grappling build you seem to be building ) [*:1vsl9c65]Enhanced Dexterity (since plastic is more pliable than strong. Plus it works well with Grappling Finesse)
  12. "This will be an interesting learning experience then," John exclaimed. He gasped and coved his mouth, glancing to the child to see if she would break out crying again. He let out a sigh of relief when she didn't "If I am too loud for your youngling, I apologize to you and her." He grinned, "It's hard to keep still when you," he noticed the company around and that he should be more secretive about his identity, "when you've just 'gotten out'." He winked knowingly at Fleur. His stomach rumbled, "Now I think me and the youngling have something in common," he smirked playfully at the babe.
  13. John picked his head up and cleared his voice when the baby started crying again. Apparently it didn't want to sleep. Hunger was the young one's predicament, it seemed, as her mother said. John spoke with his voice, "Murdock, eh?" He smiled at the cover name. It was much more flavorful than his. He was not envious though. He didn't want to start off on the wrong foot. He had not even met the guy. "So how close do you keep your troops? I mean with your cell phones and all, it's easy to reach them with your voice and with your chariots, it's easy to reach them. But how familial is your army? Do you do anything other than meet together for business?"
  14. The youngling was crying. Oh dear Hera this was awkward. He dare not touch the babe, he'd seen others die for that transgression. And then he got an idea! He closed his eyes and tried to remember Aphrodite's singing voice. He opened his eyes and cleared his voice., then he quietly shushed the baby. He began to hum a soft tune in an attempt to put the child back to sleep. Though the voice was definitely not his own deep masculine tone, it was that of what he remembered of his lost love. He looked to Fleur de Joie and whispered, "Well, it always put me to sleep." He then continued with his lullaby.
  15. John took in everything as usual. The bus was full, but not quite full that they couldn't have a seat to their own. The ads were particularly interesting. They were bright and colorful and full of useful looking services. after a minute or so of looking around, he looked back to his traveling companion, "Fleur de Joie, this chariot is most comfortable, but are there always other people on it? The Freedom League talked of a shorter chariot that i could buy with currency. Will other people be in my chariot too?"
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